America: give me a reason to hate

Y if on youtube if you look up american accents all you see if foreigners (dont think thats spelled right but dont care) talking in the worst southern accents ? I mean only like at the most 20% of americans speak like that , and were not stupid I mean our schools might not have the best scores but a lot of stuff was invinted either by americans or in america… And why is america the only country that is like hated a lot? If your country hates us so much why do they help us in war and stuff like that? Hmm? Plus if all americans said the french , british, irish, new zelanders.and what ever country your from if we said the migority of you were stupid or something like that youd get mad but its ok for you to call us stupid?!? If you can answer some of these questions/opinions please do…

Nicole From the united states of america!!

Answer #1

everyone should separate people from government, maybe we hate the way the american government deal with proplems ,but it doesn’t mean that we hate american people

Answer #2

You know I actually take back what I said…I probably should of not said anything back to you…you have the freedom to say whatever you want.

Sorry Kingofpop.

Answer #3

So are you saying that what I’m saying is wrong and I should stop saying anything?

All I’m saying is I believe we are going to crash, and anyways America is in dept like crazy. I don’t think we are going to be back in the 15,000,00 again with the stocks. we are down to the 8,000,00s…

I really don’t want to Argue, I’m only putting my advice down, if it’s helpful then awesome if not then well that is ok too. but I do have a right to put down what I think.

Thanks kingofpop, God bless.

Answer #4

I have been watching the Stock Markets and they have fell so low that we don’t have much further to fall

We have a LOT further to fall.

I have also been reading a lot of things, and if you haven’t noticed there are tuns of people saying we are going in to a Depression worse then the Great Depression of 1930s or early 1940s,

The stockmarket crash wasn’t the only thing that caused the Great Depression, and there are a number of other factors affecting the economy back then that don’t exist today. So, until thousands of banks start closing their doors, until a massive trade war begins, and until there is a drought of epic proportions, I don’t think it will be as bad as it was back then.

Answer #5

You can’t pigeonhole people like that, especially if you don’t want them to pigeonhole you. There are mixed feelings about the United States all over the world. Some people do indeed hate the US because of its policies, behavior, or what have you. Others admire the US and want to come visit or, in some cases, live.

I don’t know if you have ever traveled outside the US, but I recommend it. Your best course of action is to make a good impression on the places you visit, if you are concerned about negative stereotypes of Americans.

I will say, however, that after visiting 32 countries and living in six, that Americans abroad sometimes get a bad rap. I’ve seen plenty of foolishness from all kinds of people as they travel to other places.

Answer #6

Bullshit..aussies think americans are narrow minded, patriotic wankers, stupid sence of humour, annoying accent

Answer #7

he he I wrote the question!!!

Answer #8

Well, I Think America is still a great place to be…But if you think about it…I don’t believe it will always last, I think we will be messed up if the Stock Market Crashes, I have a feeling this is going to happen very soon and don’t want it to but what I want wont stop it.

I am very serious about this and want to warn everyone that reads this…If they listen then great if not well that is your own choice.

I have been watching the Stock Markets and they have fell so low that we don’t have much further to fall. I have also been reading a lot of things, and if you haven’t noticed there are tuns of people saying we are going in to a Depression worse then the Great Depression of 1930s or early 1940s, also a report if you haven’t heard this or read it here it is:

“Jan, 15th U.S. stocks yesterday slid the most in six weeks after retail sales decreased at more than twice the rate forecast by economists. The S&P 500 has dropped 6.7 percent in 2009 as companies from Alcoa Inc. to Intel Corp. spurred concern earnings will deteriorate amid the recession, while the unemployment rate in the U.S. climbed to the highest level in almost 16 years. “

I really hope this has helped in some way I just am here to try and warn you and hope you get my message, for more info about the Stocks visit

Thank you, and God Bless!

Answer #9

Isnt that what every human being from any country feels?Face it:America isnt so special that it has to be singled out and be feared or hated.And not EVERYONE hates America.And havent you ever said some country is relaly stupid or something??Everyone has a reason at not like a country…and you cant expect everyone to be at peace all the time…its their opinion…why even go on such sites and get all fired up??There will always be that one person who’ll hate your country…or anyones…

Answer #10

I’m not trying to touch any nerves. I just disagree with your analysis. Certainly you can accept that not everyone will agree with what you’ve written.

Times are bad, there is no doubt about that. Thousands of jobs have been terminated by several corporations from finance to the auto industry, and many more are on the chopping block. The stock market is down. But keep in mind the other periods of economic misery the US has gone through, such as stagflation in the 1970’s, recession in 1981, a stockmarket crash in 1987, another recession in the early 1990’s, and, of course, 2000. Making a comparison to the Great Depression is a bit premature, considering the current crisis more closely resembles these other periods.

But during the Great Depression, unemployment was at 25%, and there were thousands of banks actually closing their doors to the public, having lost everything. You couldn’t even get the money in your savings account, because it wasn’t actually there. Also, the country had a very bad drought (Dust Bowl) and was in the midst of a tariff war with Europe that exacerbated the depression on both sides of the Atlantic.

See, part of the problem back then was that you could take out a loan from the bank, and buy stock on the market. When the stockmarket plummeted, anyone with investments of course, defaulted on their loans and suddenly banks had nothing, and no hope of recovery. Now, you can’t do that.

Obviously, this situation is somewhat unique, and brings its own challenges. But I just don’t see this escalating to a Great Depression quite yet. Obviously, I could be wrong and this next year will be pivotal. But, I don’t think we’re going to get to soup and bread lines…

Answer #11

the international ppls stereotypes of americans disgust me. you base all of your opinion on that one idiot american that comes to your country on vacation. not all of us are like that.

kween83, you call us patriotic wankers. tell me, whats wrong with patriotism? I believe patriotism is the only reason that america is a free country today. I fly the red white and blue with pride because its something I can be proud of. and you say we have annoying accents? how is that our fault? we cant do anything to prevent it or change it so how can that be a reason to hate us?

also I want to point out that a lot of people think that we are racist and judgemental. I don’t know if you noticed but our president is an african american.

Answer #12

Oh okay, I understand what you are saying.

But I also believe since America is in Great dept and we keep just getting deeper in dept that we have made a bubble, which I believe could pop if we aren’t careful…I have heard all kinds of things about what might happen…I heard it could take up to two more years before it actually happens…I just don’t want to be the one that isn’t prepared…Yes I know that it might not happen and it could just be something I or some other people like me are worried about, but I don’t see a problem with getting ready for the unsuspected.

I am still learning and don’t know how to Debate this very well right now…I mostly said what I already know, and a lot of what you said was pretty true also.

I am only 18 less then a month to 19…and don’t know everything. I know that but what I do know that I do have a strong passion to know what is right and strive to learn more…even if at first I am wrong…I believe I will get this all right soon.

I am sorry that I accused you of arguing with me, that wasn’t right of me to do.

Thank you Kingofpop, God bless.

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