Am I too young to get married?

Me and my boyfriend have been living together for 3 months and have been dating for 2 years. I’m only 15 but we’ve been talking about marriage. Everyone in my family has gotten married young. I know he is the one. He can make me laugh like there is no tomorrow. He respects what I say and when he makes a mistake he tries to not do it again. For a guy thats pretty good. Ha. [No offense guys.] But me and him are seriously in love.

I know he has bought the ring already he went with my mom and his mom. And I know hes ready to ask me. See to his mom she already thinks of me as a daughter-in-law. So nothing would change. His family loves me, and my family loves him. It’d just be making things final.

Another thing is. Would a guy marry you because he wants to have sex with you? Cause of something that happened in the past. I was raped, so I told my boyfriend I would not have sex willingly until marriage. But I don’t think he would do that..Maybe.

Basically, do you all think I should wait until I’m 18? I’m very mature and I think I’m ready but I’m not sure. Please help.

Answer #1

well to start off i don’t think he would waste his time two years for u just for sex, it seems lk he really cares about u. now about the marrage, u should really think about it bcuz it’s a very very important step in your life. and besides, your still in school, so if u do decide to get married, you shouldn’t have any babies. BEST OF LUCK!

Answer #2

Hey Girl. im 17 but going to be 18 on saturday and going to get married soon. Me and my boyfriend act the same way. I to have been raped and its awful. I have asked a question that says “Have you been Raped” my story is on there. check it out sometimes. But yea I know what you mean. Yes you are young but love is what counts. So I’d say go for it. Good luck sweetie. funmail me

Answer #3

DO NOT GET MARRIED AT 15 that would be the dumbest thing you could possibly do. you will ruin you life and he will just end up getting you pregnant an then leave you with a child. DO NOT DO THIS

Answer #4

I personally dont think a guy would have been with you two years and is willing to marry you if all he wants was sex.and on the other hand I dont think you should get married at the age of 15 but you can get engaged though thats not too bad.You can do a long term engagement and see how things goes through out that time and after that depends on how things goes you dont need us to tell you what to do good luck though.

Answer #5

Thank you guys so much for the help. I’m going to talk to him to see if he would be willing to do a long term engagement. I think that would work out the best because hes older than me and already going to college. So he could start his career and become more stable with everything and I could finish school. And go into the Army as planned. I mean since we’re in love a longterm engagement should be nothing.

Answer #6

Dude I seriously admire your love. He’s in college? My bf is 23 and in college and I’m 18. How old is he? Like I’m asking cuz my family hates my bf for the age difference and its a trip how for your age they’re cool with you both getting married! Plz let me know. Cuz I’ve been struggling w my relationship. Dating for a year and 4 months behind my moms back. I guess I just need to hear about someone who doesn’t have to hide. I just wish I had what you had, trust.

Answer #7

If you are truly ionlove, then a long engagement would work out. I am not saying that this is the greatest idea, but I know what it is like to be 15 or 16 and “think” youa re in love. For some young couples it works out and for some it does not. I got engaged to my yes now X husband when I eas 16 and he was 22. we started dating when I was 15. We got married the same year I got out of highschool, and things turned out nothing like I thougth they would be. I wtayed with him though, we had no children but I ended up finding out that he was severel abusive in many ways an dit caused me to fall deep into a depression. I stayed with him till I was 22 and after that I had to split when I found out he was cheating on me. I owe my life to that break up though because had I not made that mistake I would not have found the love of my life, and I mean true love of my life now a few months before turning 24. I am not engaged to him although I wish I were. sometimes though it can be good. My aunt and uncle were engaged when my aunt was 16 and he was 20 and they are still married 30 some odd years later.

Answer #8

I think marriage is something you should wait for until you’re 18 and out of school and settled into careers. But why not just have a long engagement? Or promise rings for now? My husband and I got married last summer only because I was joining the Army. We just had a simple justice of the peace wedding. But in a year or so we are going to have a big wedding ceremony and reception (which would have been our actual wedding if i hadn’t joined the military)

So my advice is promise to each other or get engaged but put off marriage until you’re 18.

Answer #9

Why are you in such a hurry to grow up? Maturity has nothing to do with getting married at age 15! Your still very young…too young to be tied down. You have your whole lfe to be married. Your teen years should be spent having fun with your friends and doing things kids your age do! NOT planning your wedding! Go out and experience life before you tie yourself down to one person at such a young age!

Answer #10

personaly(however u spell that) i would wait till my education is finsihed so u will have money for ur kids and stuff. BUt ur desicion

Answer #11

Well, my boyfriend has currently asked me to marry him. We are having a long term engagment and are waiting til high school is over with. We are both 15 at the moment, and he’ll be turning 16 here soon. Long term engagement would probably be best for you guys until school is over with. If you think you two can trust each other enough and are seriously as in love as you say, than things will work out until school is over with. That is what we are doing. Yes we are young, and you are are too even though were the same age, if it’s what you want and think is the best. Then do as you please.

Good Luck.

Answer #12

Wow.You’d be so dumb if you got married at 15.

Answer #13

I guess the only thing that I can say is that if you need to ask a bunch of strangers to help you make such an important decision, then you’re not ready. Your boyfriend is so much older than you - if he’s a freshman, he’s at least 18 or 19. The fact that he is dating a 15 year old is a little strange, but stranger things have happened. From what you wrote it seems like you do not completely trust him, or that you are simply asking just to be reassured. Remember, any guy can go out and buy a ring - it doesn’t mean that you will be together 60 years from now. Let that sink in for a while - if you got married now, or even at 18, you will be with him every day for 60 years! I have been engaged to my fiance since May (7 months now), and we have been together almost two years. We live together, have bought cars together, traveled, and had our moments where we felt like we couldn’t make it. I graduate college this year - but I honestly think that I’m too young to get married. I’m 21, and my fiance is the man I want to spend my entire life with. But that has a whole lot more weight to it than you may think. When you get older, you will be able to do anything you want. When you get your license you can go for a drive in the middle of the night. When you get your own place you live, you could stay up until 2am if you wanted. You could have friends over, leave and take a walk, go out to dinner, take a semester off school and travel Europe! You can do so many things, and the freedom of being independent cannot compare to anything else. But sadly, all of that changes when you get married (or seriously engaged). My fiance is not comfortable with me leaving whenever I want - he is concerned with my safety, the road conditions, the price of gas. Tonight, I was crocheting in the living room, and he came out and asked me to come to bed, which is why I’m writing this here. If I want to leave and go to my mom’s house for a few days, its not just my decision - I have my other half to think about. Being tied down like this is amazing. I feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the knowledge that no matter what happens, I can go home to my man and we can just be together. I have someone that loves me for who I am (and believe me, I’m no movie star), and that’s important in such a harsh and judgmental world. All I’m saying is that sometimes, when I really just want to spread my wings… my fiance is the anchor that doesn’t let me get too far out of sight. And sometimes, the desire to fly gets so strong that it makes me push the wedding back another month or two. It has nothing to do with love - I love him, he’s going to be my husband, the father of my future children, and the one that is there to live life by my side. It has to do with who you are as a person - someone with choices, SO many choices! Don’t get tied down too soon, or too tightly. Find out what it is like to fly a little first! Then, when you’re ready, settle down, get married, and then have children if that’s what you want. I’m sure you’ll regret it if you get married right now.

Answer #14

Me and husband got engaged when I was 15 years old because we we still going to high school but we got married when I was 19 years old since then was a 1950s housewife with my apron doing different kinds of foods and desserts every day I got to iron his suit clean the house and be like a robbot to my house so the place will be sparkling clean every time my husband went home from work I had to give him a glass of water and welcome him this routine stayed for years but now thinggs are changing and my husband decided for him to do some of the housework my husband was very understanding with me but I have to tell you being married in your teens is very difficult so dont get married too young.

Answer #15

See this is hard, there is no way a guy is going to stay with you for 2 years if all he wants is sex so you can rule that out, it sounds like you two are genuinly inlove, but if you feel you are to young, you dont have to be like evryone else in your family, its not like you wanna break up, maybe if you feel its best just stay the way you are for now till your 18, or if you wanna get engaged but dont set a date for a few years and see how it goes, theres no rush you are only 15 take things slow, you have the rest of your lives to be together and get married!

Answer #16

I was 16 vwhen I got married. We where in love and it felt right buy the time I was 19 we had two kids and he was ready for a new woman. That hurt and does everyday and we have been devoriced for 3 years now… And life has been hard. if You love him and he loves you why not just wate untill you are out of school and have grown with in yourself. I know you have heard it all ( Your to young, youll be pergnat in a year) well I didnt think it was ever going to be me but Sugar look at me know. Im 24 I have two kids and a broken heart. People change We all change and Marriage is something you should dream about and look forward to after you have been able to go to Prom and be a tean.. Please dont do it. Have fun first and learn what you want out of life befor You jump into anything. I would love to go out with the girls or go on SpringBreak, and Hun when your Married you dont get todo that kinda stuff… I wish you all the luck in the world and I pray you will be smarter than I was and just live life for you for a wile dont rush it….

Answer #17

The one little hitch in it for me is that you weren’t 100% positive your boyfriend wouldn’t use you, or try to marry you for sex. To me, your trust has to be completely solid if you’re going to marry this person. I admire the fact that you have so much faith in your love for your boyfriend. Often if everyone around you has married young, they help you through any challenges it can create- so all that support from your families should be treasured! Keep in mind that people do change (no matter how mature they are) from 15 to 25 quite a lot. There’s no guarantee that the two of you will change together in a way that will keep your love strong- it’s a risk (but so is any marriage!) Best of luck- and please talk to your boyfriend about the sex issue if it’s still bothering you!

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