Am I a failure?

So, I was really excited about going to college in few weeks and moving out of the boring town I live in and living in the city. I was an honor student in high school too. But now, it looks like I won’t be able to go to school because I have no place to live…I wasn’t able to live on campus because rooms got filled too quick and no one let me know and I have no transportation to get me from home to a place where I can catch public transportation to get into the city. I’ve been looking at apartments in downtown and I’ve found a few…but my mom isn’t listening to me and won’t let me look for a place to live, she just ignores me. She’s the only one that could take me to look at places to live cause she has a car and knows her way around the city and I don’t…but she just ignores me. So I can’t go to school because of that little thing. I feel like a failure. I have to withdraw from classes and I’m looking for a job. Am I a failure? My dreams are totally gone down the drain just because I have no way of getting there. I love school and learning, but I’m going to be stuck and I won’t get to do what I wanted to do for my future. To top it off, my twin sister is leaving in a few days and I’ll feel all alone.

Answer #1

Certainly you’re not a failure - where there’s a will, there’s a way, you’ll find it !!…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

and if you don’t get a room and can’t go right away, take your first semester classes at a local college…make sure the credits will transfer…it will be cheaper…

Answer #3

Speak to someone, an advisor, at the college and Place you name on the “WAIT LIST” for a dorm room…that is how I got my first room…not everyone makes it through the first semester, some drop out…

Answer #4

nah - it’s just a set back! seriously, life always relys on other people somewhere down the line, and the thing is, you can’t always rely on other people (bit of a paradox)

I would speak to the school you are going to, generally they are very supportive of people who have problems such as these. you need to address your mum though, and say, you know you should have look into accomodation sooner, but you really need her help. by doing this, you are admitting that maybe should have got the dorm applications in sooner, and you’re taking responsibility for that, but you are mature enough to ask for help too…

how comes your sister got her place? can’t you share with her? if you can tolerate some sort of transport for a while, there are always people who drop out in the first 2-3 months…honest. my nursing course, we started of with 35 in my cohort, and within 10 months,8 had gone!

but NO you are not a failure, just think of it as a learning curve :)

Answer #5

you aren’t a failure- you just fell on some bad luck, and that’s really not your fault. give your mom some time to realize that, and I’m sure things will work out. don’t be so hard on yourself- my boyfriend is pretty much having the same exact problem.

Answer #6

Thanks. My sister is going to a different school. I’m going to call my aunt and ask for advice. She did tell me once, that she would sell her house and live with me downtown…but only if my sister were going to the same school I’d be going to. I found a condo that I liked and could afford if I found a roommate…so I think I’m going to talk to her.

Answer #7

First I just want to say that Im sorry that your mother isnt being very supportive and that you are NOT by any means a failure! Do you have any friends or other family member that are able to drive you and would be glad to help you out in your current situation? Even if you do not get to attend college this time around it will not be your last chance. Your dreams have not “gone down the drain”…Just because you have run into a setback doesnt mean you should completely give up and just assume that your future is now ruined. If you ask me, I think youre being a little over dramatic…There is always a way to get help you just have to ask for it :D I hope things work out and be positive!

Answer #8

Don’t get too down on yourself. I can understand your frustration about having something so close and still be out of reach, but a postponement is not the same thing as a cancellation. If Dark Knight is sold out, I don’t give up and go see Penelope. I go to the 9:30 showing instead of the 8:00.

Colleges enroll people all time, not just in the fall. If you couldn’t get into the dorms right now, try for next semester. People will be coming and going, enrolling and dropping out constantly, and space will open up. And if you do have to wait a year, that just means a year of working and stashing some cash. Extra beer money freshman year isn’t exactly going to make you unpopular.

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