Is it an allergy sort off if the dog begins to itch constantly everyday?

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the dog probably just has fleas or something.

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Mange ? Fleas ? Ticks ?

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You should first check your dog over for fleas. If they have none, it may be an allergy. Have you changed his food lately? Started using a new cleaner or anything like that?

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We keep changing food as it doesn't like the same food everyday and also we are very particular about the food

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may be, does the dog's hair fall???
If yes go get it to doctor
else give it a nice bath. (Only if its yours)

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Well, it could very well be an allergy....IF you know for a fact that it doesn't have parasites (flea and tick prevention cure that). Some dogs have seasonal allergies...they come and go. Some dogs itch more in the winter than other months because they coats are thicker, and they are kept warm via artificial heat (it's drying to the skin). Try feeding fish oil caps and see if your dog slows down on the itching. You can get them at Walmart, and they are inexpensive. Even if they don't stop the itching, your dog's coat will become soft and's also good for the heart, and joints.

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