Allergies pet is constantly scratching

Our pet is constantly scratching and he does not have fleas or ticks.

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Please take your pet to the vet immediately. Don't wait.

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I just took my doggie to the vet today for this very same symptom. I thought he had flees but has none. He has had so many allergins around him that it seems to be a large combination of things. Since he is licking his paws and scratching his ears he is now showing these red spots. The doctor says he has a staph infection. Very serious and could be deadly if untreated. My dog has to take meds for about 10days now and the doctor told me to use a special shampoo to help his scalp and bring down the flare ups. Hope this helps. I'm sure your dog has the same thing. The leaves outside have mold and I'm sure our vents need to be cleaned out because all of us have had allergies this time around in the house. My dog also got a steroid shot to help him along for now.
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Is your "pet" a dog??

mamak told you about "contact allergies"...these are allergies that come from grass, leaves, carpet, dust mites...the list is LONG...Also, the staph is a bacterial result of the allergies. All animals...even humans...have a certain amount of staph on the skin...but when the immune system is compromised, staph goes into over-production. It takes antibiotics to control the staph.

There are also "food allergies"...these usually involve one of the "grains" or all of them...(my dog is sensitive to all grains)...Corn, wheat, soy are usually the culprits...tho, like my dog, some can be sensitive to rice also. It took me 4 years to finally go to a "grain free" dry kibble, and he quit itching in 3 days...such an easy cure for that one.

Maybe try switching his food first, to a non-grain kibble, and see if that doesn't do the least it might eliminate the need for expensive tests. Innova makes "EVO" which is grain free...also there is another one called "Taste of the Wild" is also grain free. Take a week to change over you don't want to cause gastric upset...then give it a week and see if he stops the itching...


My dog is always scratching and licking.

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