how do you get over you fear of flying?

how do you get over you fear of flying?

Answer #1

Is there anything that you can do to take your mind off of it. Like watch a movie, or listen to music, sleep, read a magzine. I know it is hard to get over a fear, but more accidents happen on the roadways then airplanes falling out of the sky, it’s just when a plane does go down more lives are taken at once. but you are safer in the sky then on the road.

Answer #2

I remember when I flew for the first time. I forced my self to sit by the window on the wing. after seeing the ground from 30,000 at I eventually relaxed and appreciated the view of the scenery I realized that getting off the plane at that point was not an option. reading a book listening to music definitely helps

Answer #3

yeah I have… and I cried the whole time I was on it… and the thought of being 10 thousand miles in the sky, the turbulance… the whole not being on the ground.

Answer #4

I love flying. So even though Im afraid of heights (which sometimes translates into fear of flying) I simply remind myself how overjoyed I am to see another part of this world

Answer #5

lmfao umm you fly:D

just try to look at the upsides of it like for example your going to go see your boyfriend right? so in the end it’ll all be worth it

Answer #6

I’ve been going on planes since I could, so very very young im 13 now and and only last year I wasnt too bothered youll always have that little feeling in your stomach of fear but the thing is you just have to hold someones hand, I’ve been paragliding 6,000 feet in the air I had to jump off a mountain and now heights dont bother me anymore! best experience of my life tho no doubt when your in the air its cool and you dont really notice listen to music, read, watcha movie jjust relax!

Answer #7

Have you ever flown before? and what is your fear of flying, what about it don’t you like or what freaks you out?

Answer #8

thank you harlyrider, your advice was really helpful… honestly.

Answer #9

The same way you get over any fear…force yourself to face it.

Answer #10

you don’t think about it im not sure I have the same problem

Answer #11

climb on in a tree and sit there or get on your roof something like that should do it

Answer #12

meby you could go skydiving than youll see how nice it is in a plane and youll love it

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