How to get rid of my fear of flying?

This is my first time…okay im going to visit my dads side of the family which is in trini an isiland and we have to fly on a plane to get there and this would be my first time and im really scared because it’s so high in the sky could yall give me some different perspectives on how to rid my fear of flying

Answer #1

Some things to ease your mind: on commercial carriers, know your captain already has probably 1.000’s of flying hours/experience and having flown ‘up-front’, they are extremely competent/very sharp - know that many eyes are watching after you from the ground - air traffic controllers are looking after your flight every moment and ensuring it is safe, orderly, and expeditious - this is where my experience and I can tell you your controller went through 3 - 5 years of training before being certified and are also very sharp - know that many 1,000’s of flights operate daily without incident - so, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view - Merry Christmas !!

Answer #2

thank you all for your advice im sure its going to work im flying with my grams and uncle so I’ll have someone to talk to and I will bring my headphones so I can listen to music thank all of you and have a merry x mas or honica

Answer #3

Be careful though, some people do not want to talk that sit next to you. They are wanting to relax, and may look at you weird. If you are lucky, you’ll sit next to a friendly person, and you can talk the miles away. :)

Answer #4

You can get a stomach nerve medicine that can help you and otherwise take along a book , pillow of your own , and conversation with the person your sitting by and you’ll be there in no time - Great Luck to you

Answer #5

I dont know how you can get rid of it but I do no that what you can do is get on the plae and sit on the seat thats FAR away from the window and close your eyes and try to 4get that your flyn’

Answer #6

Simply know that 200 plus other people from all backgrounds and ages are coming along with you for the trip so you’re not doing this alone.

Also, like txkimmie stated, it is statistically accurate that as an American you are far more likely to get into a highway accident than as a passenger on an airplane.

You can take prescribed meds as well for anxiety or sleeping on the flight.

Take a novel or in my opinion, take a pmp and watch a great comedy movie or better yet stand up routine…you’ll be laughing the whole way.

Oh yeah..just in case ure a guy..if you do end up having a feeling of nervousness..just flash ure best smile at those pretty air stewards (I mean the femmes) can strangely have a calming effect & I’ve had many interesting convos w/em while enroute to my destination.

Hope that helps some!

Answer #7

well, this probably won’t help…but I’ve flown twice before and I’m still scared to do it. But what I do is take some headphones and listen to music, read a book, sleep (take a sleeping pill if you have to – make sure you have a prescription first). Also, make sure you take some gum because changing altitudes will make your ears pop, or make you feel like you can’t hear. Chewing gum helps this.

Remember this too…flying is much safer than driving in a car. People told me that too, and I didn’t believe it at first. But just think the amount of cars you have to dodge, and there are not that many airplanes in the sky.

Also, pray…God will take care of you.

Have fun!

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