Fear of flying after 9-11

I haven’t been on a plane since 9-11 I started taking the train, and I have sorta grown a fear aginst it. But know I have to take a plane to get to a confrence in Cleveland with my job. Help!!

Answer #1

I have been on more than 20 plains since that happened so nothing has happened to me so I thank if you go youll be ok

Good luck

Answer #2

You can review the safety statistics, of course, which show that it’s the safest form of travel, even with the threat of terrorism. But phobias aren’t purely logical or intellectual, and just talking rationally to yourself isn’t enough to calm your fears. It’s more important to learn how to accept the feelings of being afraid, calm some of the physical sensations (breathing is very important) and give them time to fade, rather than resist them or avoid them. It’s not so much about preventing yourself from feeling afraid, it’s learning how to give the fear less importance, the same way you might respond to becoming afraid in a scary movie. For more info, take a look at http://www.anxietycoach.com/flying.htm.

Dave Carbonell, www.anxietycoach.com

Answer #3

Literally thousands of flights take place daily without incident - you have a professional / competent crew and your flight is being watched constantly by professional / competent air traffic controllers - the odds are by far on your side for a safe trip.

Answer #4

thanks I think Im good Now

I appreciate the Help a lot!!!

Answer #5

statistics still say the safest way to travel is to fly

Answer #6

I think of it like this…the chances of an attack like that happening again are way slim. The people who plan attacks know that we would expect the same type of thing, so why waste time to try and do it again? They would probably go an entire different route and try something completely unexpected.

Besides, you can’t live your life in fear. That’s what terrorists want. Don’t feed into it. Go about your life as you did before or your giving into them! I just got back from florida and I came and went by plane and everythings fine. Security is pretty high, and they check EVERYTHING before you can get through the gates.

Answer #7

I know but I just never went back to flying

Answer #8

um where do you live?

Answer #9

its 10% more of a chance to git hurt in a train then a plane

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