What's it like to be an adult?

For those that are pretty much ‘’adults’’ on here, can you describe what it’s like for you? Was it what you expected when you where a kid ( If you had any expectations).

Answer #1

No. I have much more responisblity,i have to pay rent to my mom,it sucks! I have to buy my own food and pay car insurance. :( I have to work. It’s not easy. I don’t feel to free anymore.

Answer #2

No…? No what lol? That word threw me off… lol; but thank you for the answer :)

Answer #3

I’m probably one of the oldest people on here….the “novelty” of being a grown up wears off fast….When my parents told me “enjoy youself while you’re young, because it’s the shortest time of your life”….all I wanted to do was grow up….well, they were right….adulthood has been a long haul :)


Answer #4

So work is just another part of life now for you? :) Care to share your daily experience/routine? :)

Answer #5

ops i forgot to say ‘’No it’s not fun at all’’ —not that you asked if it is,i was trying to say that in reguards to how everyone says it’s awesome lol. Sorry i type really fast and don’t relize i miss some things i say :P

Answer #6

Haha, it’s cool :) It looks admirable but yeah, I thought the same about being in High school… lol

Answer #7

the best years are when you still are a teenage being an adult is alot of resbonisbiltie, when i was younge i couldnt wait to grow up to do what ever i could. now i am in a serious relationship with an older man i do love him very much we have brought a house together i must admit it is good being an adult but there is alot of down sides to it

Answer #8

If you watch your parents, you would get a good idea of what its like to be an adult. Like unlike kids, adults have full responsibiblilities to take care of every day like waking up in the early hours to go work even if they dont feel like it, but who else is going to provide for the family ? Some have to get their children ready for school make their lunches every day and drop and pick them up to school .. I’m just going to say it isn’t easy being an adult sometimes, thinking of the sweat my parents went through to put food on the table to take care of me and my siblings, I can never repay them.

Answer #9

Yeah,don’t rush to grow up. I’m gonna be 20 in about 5 months. >_> i feel so old. I hate it. Being an adult isn’t fun. it’s funnier when you have your parents to wait on you and support you instead of having to support yourself.

Answer #10

No rushing here, lol… Just need to find things to do before I turn 20 and wonder what I did with all that time I had haha :)

Answer #11

well how old are you now?

Answer #12

15, lol. It shows on people’s profiles how old they are :)

Answer #13

Your pro is priv and doesn’t state your age :)

Answer #14

lol, if you move your mouse over my name, it shows it. If that doesn’t work, then damn… :(

Answer #15

Mkay. ^_^ —be 15. Make goals and finish them. Do things that make you happy and don’t let people stop you :) then you can look back and say ‘’i did that and i’m proud’’ :)

Answer #16

. Haha… Why thank you, I guess being lethargic might make that quite a challenge :S

Answer #17

awh<3 that’s not cool :(

Answer #18

Yeah, just goes to show what happens when you’re indoors all the damn time… Haha, all that time wasted, what a shame…

Answer #19

Argh. Well i don’t know much about being lehargic other then,it’s being sluggish. Get active and make goals :)

Answer #20

lol… I wish it where that easy… I think I’ll start with small goals, like walking down the stairs x) <– joke, haha :)

Answer #21

lol. What causes being lehargic ? –sorry i don’t know much about it

Answer #22

Meh… Being a couch potato, not doing things you’d normally do, finding excuses to do things, lacking energy to do things, it’s just being downright lazy lol.

Answer #23

oh. lol i feel stupid.. Hmm,get up and stop being lazy! :) or you can get old,reach 60 and be like ‘’i sat on that couch for all my days’’ lol

Answer #24

Isn’t that something to be proud of lol… Gosh, what would my future wife think of me?!

Answer #25

When I was young, all I expected adulthood to be was free. Going out whenever I wanted, going wherever I wanted, staying up however long I liked, living by my rules.. It is partially that, but with adulthood comes a lot of responsibilities and limits that you need to learn to set for yourself too. You have to learn that you can’t rely on your parents forever. And well, sometimes you have to make decisions that can be extremely difficult to make. Things can be difficult as a young person, but adulthood brings a whole new hand of challenges to the table. xD

In short, I’d always say to enjoy the freedom you have as a young person. Don’t abuse it, but don’t let it go to waste.

Answer #26

it’s obvious your not ready to be one or you wouldn’t be asking.but the real answer to your question is being or becoming an adult doesn’t always mean people act like an adult.there are adult children who never grow up and don’t know how to act their adult age.there are adults that their teenage children make more sense than they do.being an adult means we have to be responsible for our actions and set the example for the younger generation.we as adults have to take on more responsibilties,working hard to support our family,protect our family from any harm that may be shoved in our direction and in some cases sacrifice our lives to protect others such as our military men and women who are serving and fighting in iraq and afganistan.they are protecting our freedom and the list goes on and on but i think you get the general idea what being an adult is like.thanks for letting me explain this to you

Answer #27

Thanks for the answer :)

Answer #28

It’s been 1/2 of my life for years….work and home. I’ve been working for an electric company for a long time, now….it’s the kind of job that can be wearing to say the least…not particularily stimulating….however, they have incredible benefits, the pay is far beyond what I think I derserve (all union)….Vacation leave up the wazoo. All this makes it difficult to chuck it and find something more likeable…especially since I”m almost 60. However, I have horses and dogs…and I train both as a sideline….so it’s possible to combine that which you love to do with that which you have to do…

I was thinking tho….one thing I have done for a long time is have ice cream for breakfast….EVERY morning. Now I couldn’t do that until I was an adult :)

Answer #29

Ice cream for breakfast? Wow… I wish I could do that! Yeah, you’re right, that’s one of the few things you get to do as an adult. I like that, finding a way to combine what you love with what you have to do :) Thanks Phrannie :)

Answer #30

As everyone else has said being an adult isn’t all fun and games. As with just about everyone, when I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to be an adult - move out, and be on my own.

But I was just thinking this morning on my drive to work sometimes I wish I was 15/16 again. Everything seemed so much simpler when I look back. Go to school, do homework, play some video games. Spend the weekends hanging out with friends. Biggest responsibilities in my life where school and a few chores around the house.

So I say just try to enjoy your youth while you can :D.

Answer #31

i think i can sum this up in 2 words… “fu£$in difficult”

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