What would you do if you had 3 months to live? More importantly, what's stopping you from doing it now?

Answer #1

I’d probably go to a bunch of concerts and nightclubs, do lots of dr*gs and get drunk. Hey I’d dying anyways so why not? Find a hot guy to keep me company for those last three months. And just have lots of endless fun. What’s preventing me from doing those things now? I never have any opportunities sadly and my life is just boring

Answer #2

I’d probably find a good friend and get laid XD May as well get that experience out of the way before I die. What’s sopping me from doing that now? Well I like to think I’m going to have time to explore life’s many mysteries and I like to thoroughly look at things before doing them. And you know, not looking like a wh*re is nice.

Answer #3


Answer #4

have sex

Answer #5

have sex

Answer #6

I’d go get MANY credit cards and max them all, Travel a bunch, do a LOT of dru.gs, have a lot of sex, Get a lot of tattoos, write letters to the small amount of family I have, and i’m not doing this because it’s reckless and wouldn’t benefit me in anyway haha.

Answer #7

Hahaha, what are you going to max out that many credit cards on? =P

Answer #8

get drunk

Answer #9

I really have no idea haha i’d probably just go through stores and buy everything that even slightly caught my eye. Although i hate shopping..eh if i have unlimited cash flow i’d like it more i’m betting haha.

Answer #10

woah,i would have not done any of these things…because i am not at all like this..phew..i wish i could be..but my mind and body both never allow these things.If i had only 3 months to live,i would definitely do something for each of my family member,make something and write something for them or probably i would have made a video for each of them.then i would enjoy as much as i can,travelling with my family and being close with them as much as possible. :)

Answer #11

Quickly donate everything to random charities and let no one know that you did it =P

Answer #12

Good idea, then i’d donate everything I bought which would be A LOT to charity :) haha gotta fit some good deeds in there ;p

Answer #13

Wow, i cant believe that doing drgs is something you want to experiment with if you all had 3 months to live…I sure wouldnt want to be full of drgs if i had 3 months to live…

So here is my story…if I had 3 months to live… I would try to get some inner peace…like I would take the time to write the people that hurt me & the people I cared about as to allow them to understand that before I passed they should know what they did to hurt me & how they lost every chance to clear their conscience…that is something they have to live with for the rest of their of their lives! (why, because I feel that a clear conscience is a way to cleanse yourself from all the bad things that hurt you inside) why dont I do it now…because I am not ready to at this point in time! dealing with pain that has been caused by others is very hard to let go, forgiveness is a very difficult word for me to deal with!

I would then try to look back at all the relationships I have had in the past & find the one I really missed the most & would try to find out if they were with someone or ask how they felt about me today before announcing that i was passing away…if they said they missed me too I would suggest going away with them for a week or 2 to the most fabulous get away vacation (not to have sex with them…)to enjoy each others company…what ever happens happens…sort of speak… (why, because to experience something so intimate with the person you love & have loved is another way to satisfy the necessity to share important moments not just with a family member but with someone who can fill your heart & soul with love, and so much fun…not to mention inner peace.) Why dont I do that now, because I am hurting way too much right now to be able to even consider that at this present time, I dont have the money to do that as well!

I would also try to take a family vacation and have it all recorded for future memories…I am not sure they would even care about it but at least it would be there is someone did care enough to watch it! (why, because my family& I right now are at a point where we arent connected…and the only time we are united is when something is wrong…a family crisis due to health reasons…once that is over it goes to daily routine of jealousy, hurting one another and as said divide & conquer mostly by my brother & mother…against me & my dad, sad but true!) why dont I do it now…like i said now isnt a good time, no money, no desire to even be in the same room together and no desire to spend quality time on some vacation together!

Last but not least…I would try to work on the things that I always wanted…finish typing up all my poems, getting them copy written and then perhaps published! I would also take some voice lessons because i love to sing, and have been told that I can sing, I have also been called a waste of talent…and I would have loved to at least come out with 1 single to prove to myself as well as to others that I am worth it…and not a failure…and I made it…not because I had to…but to prove a point! Same with acting… (why, because I have always been put down & told that I am a failure…and a waste of talent…and how I was worthless & how I would never measure up to anything…also how I screw up everything in everyone’s lives…) why dont I do it now…Well, for 1, I dont have the money to do that, if there was a free place that offered singing lessons or free writing advice then I would try that! Also trying to make a song is very difficult…you need time & money to even try if you have what it takes in a recording studio! 2. getting published takes just as long to see if anyone thinks your work is even satisfying let alone good enough to publish…then having it published is also time consuming…deadlines & stuff…very stressful.

  1. acting is also a money issue…no one offers you a way to learn free acting lessons…if they were a bet you a lot of people would have loved to try out! even with that said, no one said it was possible nor if the companies would like my look or feel that I deserved a part in any scene, movie or play! Last but not least….I always wanted to be a mother of a little girl……but I wouldnt be able to live with myself if I got pregnant & had only 3 months to live…i wouldnt be able to carry to term…and even if I got preg before hand…i wouldnt be around to raise it…but I would try t visit places where children were all alone, needed love & compassion of someone that truly cares for them…and spend the rest of my days with them! So, you see that pretty much covers my story! What about you???? :)
Answer #14

My mom is a crack addicted prostitute and my dad is dead, if I still had my dad i’d fully pick spending time with him in my last few months over dru.gs. Any day. But speaking from where i’m at in my life now I stick with what I said previously haha. I fully see where your coming from though :)

Answer #15

If I had 3 months to live. Well, first I would write a book of the story of my life. My mother is also a crack user and my father molested me. I was placed in foster care after an overdoes attempt and then met the love of my life. I would write about my passion for music and how my life can one day benefit others. I have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and foster homes. Many high schools and many friends. I’ve had my fair share of psyc meds and heartache. Having been disowned by my family I would want to see them one last time. I would donate my flute to someone who would appreciate as much as I have and thank every band director I have ever had for letting me be apart of their band at one time or another. I would say sorry to those I hurt and then make sure I will be able to donate my organs. I would then write my boyfriend a letter of how much I love him.

Answer #16

I am so sorry to hear that about your mom, my condolences about your dad too sweetie…if you ever feel like talking you can funmail me anytime…I will always do my best to give the best advice I can & i never judge anyone…♥

in regards to the seeing where I am coming from, thanks…means a lot to me that you get what I am saying & care…♥

Answer #17


Answer #18

I agree with mackenzie ^^^ im thee type of girl to do that<3

make a bucket list: &’nd do everything you want to do .! (:

Answer #19

I agree with mackenzie ^^^ im thee type of girl to do that<3

make a bucket list: &’nd do everything you want to do .! (:

Answer #20

if i had 3 months to live:

  1. i’ll visit Australia and Italy - expensive!
  2. i’ll party with my friends - i party with them but only on occasion (birthday, celebrations, etc).
  3. have one night stand/group s3x with men and women :S - if im gonna die, might as well try it
  4. i’ll give all my money to buy a house for my parents - my money is not yet enough

after doing all those, i’ll go to the beach to die.

Answer #21

Id probably drop out of school, stalk Bill Kaulitz LOL, have sex when im barely legal, dance naked in front of my school and in the last week id probably fly over the Bermuda Triangle xD

Answer #22

thats all fine but the sex is liabl to do you in earlier than you expected.but what the hell.what a way to go

Answer #23

Go visit all the places I want to see. Uhm well, if I knew I was going to die in 3 months, I wouldnt have to worry about graduate school. It’s easy when you’re going to die in 3 months. You dont have to worry about finding a job and supporting yourself for the next 50 years.

Answer #24

Well thank you thats very sweet :) I’ve already worked through that all though. Life will always throw some hardships your way but it’s just a part of growing, everyone will experience death at some point and I just did younger then most.

Answer #25

still sorry to hear…and like I said, if you just feel like you need to vent or something, just know that there are people, even on here, like me, who are willing to help ya just funmail me anytime! ♥

Answer #26

just have fun don’t go to school spend money eat travel

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