34 b is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old?

is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old? a 34 B my boyfriend said my boobs are big, but I think hes lying. is it big, or small?

Answer #1

depends if you think it’s to small…im a 34 b but almost c and im 13 years old

Answer #2

when I WAS 15 I WAS 34B IM 18 NOW and IM A 36 C GOOD LUCK HUN…

Answer #3

I am size 30B

Answer #4

Well I’m 13. And I’m a 34 b the boy across my street says there big but I don’t know.

Answer #5

that size is just fine,what ever you do don’t get implants because real is always better than fake no matter what size.

Answer #6

Im nearly 16 and my boobs are 34E but they dont look that big. I got measured at a professional shop. Also my friend thought she was a 34b but it turned out she was a 34c so if you get measured at a proper shop then you will find out your true bra size. Some people seem to think that D and E is huge but its not if your a 32 or 34. but if the size gets bigger for example 13 and 40 then so does the cup size. Also when you get measured they alter your bra to how you should wear it because most people where it wrong and thats how they get the wrong bra size. Also it is free to get measured.

Answer #7

datz what I am! ma boyfriend thinkz it big to I think He’s lyin l0l but erone tellz me I have big boobz?? so I don’t know

Answer #8

my friend is a 34 dd or more now I think, she has a perfect body, but most of the girls I know have 34b’s and 34c’s so your all good babe x

Answer #9

All you need is a handfull… Any more than a handfuls a waste :)

Answer #10

if you think their too small den wait till you hit 18 and qet a boob job done but if dey qet bigger till u’r 18 den dont complain just give it time.dey’ll grow im 13 going on 14 and im that size 34b and I I think dats too small for me and im just going to wait till in 18 plus my boobs are separate and I really HATE it :( bye hope you have a good size

Answer #11

baby girl im 13 and gosh im a 36C damn you small face it yo mamma didnt give you enough meat are u thick or you skinney you might b a B cuzz you skinney get thick like me boo!!!

Answer #12

I’m 15 & I am the same size, but technically it depends on your size, cause when your petite with they look big, but if your thick with that size they look small. So it just depends how you are if they are big or not.But I think that thats a good size :)

Answer #13

34 b is average for your age. I was about that at 15 and then I think bout 16/ 17 is when they got much bigger. im almost a d now. but it also depends on your body frame, weight, and genetics. plus if your boyfriend is checkn out your boobs lol. im sure hes gonna like em. im sure though in a few months time / year you wont notice it but theyll get bigger. Either way. guys love a chick who are confident with there body. they wont even be thinkn bout your flaws cause they wont notice bad things usually till you point em out. least thats what I’ve noticed ha.

Answer #14

im 14 and im a 34 A so your at a great size

Answer #15

you’re sooo lucky! for your age, that is the perfect size! I’m 14 and I’m so close to reaching that b cup, but I’m still not there yet. :’(

Answer #16

I’m 18 with 34aa. I would shave my head for a b cup.

Answer #17

I’m 14 And a half and 34a . . Will they get bigger ? I’m real skinny (dunno if that matters) please tell me x

Answer #18

dude im 16 and im a 34B

Answer #19

Most guys I’ve had experience with prefer smaller breasts anyway, but I’m fifteen as well, same size. I’m rather comfortable with it, because it lets me wear smaller shirts. No one can really tell you what’s normal, because we all develop at different rates. And with your boyfriend, if he’s lying; he wants you to be happy and love your body. If not; your fears are moot.

Answer #20

omg girls please stop worring about your breast size

unless your a sl*g who wants to attract guys who are only after one thing stuff your bra, it will probably work

but if you get a proper boyfriend they’ll love your boobs no matter what size you are

and same goes for you

Answer #21

Well I am 13 and I am a 36 a thats SMALL for a 15 year old I think thats preety good size and your boyfriend is a nice guy

hope I helped

Answer #22

m 15 turning 16 in januaryy, and I have a 36b,..I think theirr a good sizee. not to big not to small. idg a sh!t if the guy doesnt ike them bc there to small,..thats just shows they ike you for your body not for you.

its a fine size sweetie. (:

Answer #23

im that size you need to stop worrying you have got what you got and sitting there rubbing them or taking medicine really isnt gonna help you just gotta learn to love your self for what you got :) being insecure isnt sexy

Answer #24

I know how you feel, I had that bra size when I was 9 & just say I got a lot of unwanted attention for it, but you should definatly not be ashamed of them whatever your age! embrace them, they make you a woman! :D

Answer #25

Im13 and I have the same boob size and the 15 year old boy across the street says so

Answer #26

im almost 17 and im a 34A…

Answer #27

Yeah I think thats a good size. Im 14 and have 36 D’s but thats cause everyone woman in my family have big boobs just got the short straw and got them too lol

Answer #28

I’m 15 and I’m a 32AA.

So not really no, lmao.

Answer #29

hehe,guess imma waste then requiem LOL..

thats a perfectly normal breast size for you dear..

I got blessed with the family’s ‘backbreaking knockers’ gene and had those size boobs in 5th grade..im a 38D now..good lord.

consider yourself lucky dear! your not missing anything except stares and back problems.

Answer #30

if your a pretty small person then yeah but my friend’s mom had 36B for ever until she had my friend’s lil bro. but I’m 13 and have 36B so I think it’s normal.

Answer #31

ok that is a verry sexy size ther is nothing rong with that some girls your age stay at un a cub so be happy

Answer #32

hey, just be glad you have that size. I am 14 and I have a 38 ee. all the woman in my family between the ages of 16 and 18 had my size up to triple f and g. my mom, female cousins, aunt and grandma have all those sizes. so just be glad of what you have. plus you have a great boyfriend for saying that.

Answer #33

im that size and im 15 and im quite happy with it you just need to learn to love what you have got and realise that rubbing your boobs or taking medicine is not gonna change anythink be happy with your self :) being insecure is not sexy

Answer #34

okayy well I just turned 15 back in november and girl I just got to 36B’s lol I was 34b and my “sister” keeps makin fun of me because she’s 15 and she got C’s.,, she keeps pickin on me sayin my boobs are gettin bigger but truthfully you dont want boobs too big for you because she gots lots of problems like she said they’re always getting in her way, she has back pains, everytime she runs they go everywhere, and she hates how guys she doesnt even know are always trying to talk to her when she’s sittin down. because they’re always starin at her boobs,, so sweetie your fine dont worry bout it

Answer #35

ehh, too be honest ii think it’s perfectly finee. there’s nothing special about havinng boobs, alll guys look at is them and their justt gonnna use you furr them, soo be thankkfulll fuur what you got.

Answer #36

Don’t worry about it one bit. ^^ I was a 34B at that age as well. Now I’m 18 and I’m a 32D. A lot will happen in the next few years. (:

Answer #37

I’m 13 and I’m 36 b but I’m heavy for my age so that might be it they might just be perfect for you if you have a small frame but if your happy with them dont let anyone else tell you any different

Answer #38

well its actually the bra size most 15 yr old girls have and they may look big on you if you have a small frame I was a 34B when I first turned 15 but now im almost 16 and im a 34c so woo

Answer #39

Plenty of grown women are 34B! That is actually the most common bra size in the US. Probably a third of women in their 20s wear a 34B.

Answer #40

If you feel happy with your boobs then they arent to small, if your not happpy invest in some really good air pumped push up bra’s
Im 15 and its my trick ;) Good Luck :)

Answer #41

i’m chika, just 14 year old, luckily i have developed 32d size, i am happy with my boobs!.

Answer #42

what about A size in 17 years old? will it bugger?

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