What is the average size of a 13 year olds boobs?

I was just wondering since im a 32a and my friends seem to be a lot bigger than mine?

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Last year, when I was12, I was flipping out because I couldnt even fit into an A. I just turned 13 and I'm 32B, 110lbs and 5'3. I hate it that everyone says "Oh dont worry, everyone matures at their own pace." I mean, if you ask a question, you want a real answer. Anyway, I think that weight has to do with it too. My friend is 16, probably 100lbs, and 32A. I think that 13 year olds should be anywhere from A-B. Hope this helps :)

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You're confusing the word 'average' with the word 'normal.' In order to arrive at an average, you first need a range of numbers. If the average grade in a class is 80%, that doesn't mean that almost everyone got 80%. Some will have gotten 50, some will have gotten 100, and so on.

So asking about average boob size wouldn't help you take stock of your own chest at all. You might be on one side of the bell curve, your friends on the opposite side, with the average somewhere in between.

But if you're asking what the _normal_ boob size is, that word doesn't enter into discussions of the human body anyway, so no luck there either. Everyone is different, everyone develops at their own rate, and there is no standard to measure from.

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This is a prime time for growing. You have to remember puberty has just begun and girls grow at different times. Size also counts, boobs are generally made out of fat, and if you are really skinny, you may not have large breasts.
Remember that everyone has a different body type and you shouldn't compare.

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im 13 and I am a 10 b... but like it depends one of my besties is like 8 AA and my cusin is like 14 C so its just depends on u

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I am a 36-D, and thirteen. But that's just my luck ;) A lot of my friends are A's, and some are just reaching the B category. BTW, @ toxicinhalation I am skinny but my boobs are very large. Is that weird? Since they're made of fat and all. : /

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First of all, at 13, don't even worry about it- your body will be growing plenty in the years to come.

Second of all, I'm a 30 year old guy who has dated women of all shapes and sizes. Breast size doesn't matter to me at all. Never has, never will. And there are plenty of guys just like me. You'll be just fine.

I'd take a small-chested woman over a girl with implants any day.

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Every girl is different. I'm 14 and I'm a D but my best friend is 16 and she's barely a B.

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there is no avereage because you are 13 and have only just BEGUN to go through puberty
they will reach there full size by the time your around age18-21
so be patient and wait

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I am 13 and I am a 32A. many girls at my school are even smaller than that. I would say that you are pretty average/normal, and try not to worry about it. anyone who really cares about you wont care how big or small your boobs are.

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Why do I always seem to talk about my boobs on here? Geesh

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I was aa when I was 13, don't worry, they'll grow in time :)

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Well every1 grows at there own pace.My older sister was a late bloomer.She used 2 look down her shirt and say 'grow,please grow why wont you grow'.Now she looks down her shirt and shouts'FUQIN STOP IT!!!' sorry im not that helpful

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