What are your views on the presidential election for 2008?

What are your views on the presidential election for 2008? And what do you think of Palin?

Answer #1

McCain is the best Leader for America and Sarah Palin is an accomplished, strong woman with solid core values - one who’s not afraid to take on leaders in her own party if she thinks they are wrong on an issue, and has successfully done so !!

Answer #2

McCain…Bush, Bush McCain. What’s the difference? Bush has been the worst President ever in history. He’s leaving a huge huge mess behind. McCain made the comment that the Democrats have been in charge the last 2 years and have got nothing done. Well when you have a President that vetos everything how can progress be made?

As far as Palin goes she’s just causing haterd in this country and doesn’t know what she’s talking about unless the teleprompter is running or she has be couched to the point she seems like a robot. I don’t want a VP like that honest who doesn’t know what she’s talking about abroad. She will represent this country if they win and that will be a very sad day if it comes. Because other countries will have nothing to do with us with her arragoance and high horse. She doesn’t even know major any Surprme Court rulings besides the one she wants to over turn.

Answer #3

Obama’s race, religion or political beliefs have nothing to do with this. What I do take issue with is his association with the head of the Weathermen Underground. This was an organization that bombed and killed innocent men, women and children in the early 1970’s. Obama kicked off his political campaign at his home. He also served with this terrorist on ACORN projects in Chicago. He plays down this association, however, why on earth would anyone associate with this known representation of radical terrorism? Another issue is his 20 year association with a church headed by a racist pastor who hates whites and America. He attended church there for 20 years and this pastor officiated at his wedding. He only disassociated himself from him when it began hurting his presidential race. Racism of any kind cannot be tolerated, by white or black, and certainly not in the President of the United States of America who will be responsible for governing all races. Obama’s wife made the statement she had never been proud of America until Obama was nominated by the Democratic party. She wasn’t proud of America when he graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools or when he was elected to the Illinois house, or when he was elected a Senator, or just because we live the best of any populace in the world? Next, as to experience. The only person in this race who has ever run anything is Palin. She was the mayor of a small city and then served as Governor of Alaska. None, none of the other candidates has run anything more than than their congressional staff of 10-20 people. McCain’s wife does have a large corporation which McCain does submit advice on. McCain does have life experience and fought for this country. I don’t particularly like either candidate, but as Socrates put it, we must now choose between two evils. And I could care less what color, religion, or political belief the next president is, but I do want him or her qualified to do the job. Obama has not been in politics or public life long enough to get a good read on him. But his personal associations scare the hell out of me. The other guy fought for this country, I’m not sure what Obama’s intentions are.

Answer #4

Obama is just a nicer person overall over McCain. When McCain starts losing, he uses the attack tactic, attacks obama to hurt and ruin his chances of winning the campaign race. When people starting booing at the democratic convention when obama said mcCains name, he told them to hush because he respects the man (although McCain doesn’t deserve the respect). Obama knows he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to let his people boo McCain, he know’s he’s better than that. McCain is too insecure because he know’s he’s going to lose, he made the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE by choosing sarah palin as his running mate. She’s so stupid lol, she doesn’t know 3/4’s of what’s going on. She OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know foreign policy, abortion, abstinence, or anything else. She doesn’t even know what she’s saying when she speaks. She just lets out whatever pops into her head which is a bunch of random words.

Republicans after 8 months of campaign time, they’re STILL Saying obama’s a muslim/terrorist/and an atheist. Is that ALL they really can say about him? Absolutely none of those things are true. So shut up about it already

Obama’s going to win, so you can stick that into your heads.

Answer #5

ACORN has not been found guilty of anything. There are investigation going on all over the country, but not one conviction. These investigations are completely motivated by politics. This is what the whole US Attorney firings was about. The justice department just a couple of weeks ago released a report saying that David Inglesias was fired by Gonzo for refusing to pursue a 2006 voter fraud case again ACORN due to a lack of evidence. So what about the US attorney’s that weren’t fired? Do you think they were willing to pursue cases about ACORN voter fraud? And why would it be that they would even target ACORN? Could it be the 1.3 MILLION new voters they have registered? No wonder they are trying so hard to smear them.

RG is absolutlely right, none of these bogus registrations will turn into votes. Gonzo and Rove should be prosecuted for this.

Answer #6

alarena: The Weatherman warned before bombings so the buildings could be evacuated. According to what I read not a single person was killed in these bombings. If you have evidence that “men women and children” were killed in these bombings than I’d like to hear it. I do remember a story about a bomb they were working on blowing up and killing Weathermen but thats the only deaths I know of.

One thing you don’t seem to understand about the era is its brutality toward the anti-war movement. The police, FBI and CIA were targeting leaders in the anti-war movement with arrests, police brutality, unwarranted investigations etc. I’m not condoning the actions of the Weathermen but it isn’t like our own government had been innocent of brutality. At Kent State University the Ohio National Guard opened fire on student protesters killing and injuring students. There was a war in Vietnam and there was a war here against dissent. The bombings are more understandable when you also understand the context.

Where do you get this idea that Obama kicked off his political career in Ayers’ home? I keep hearing this with no evidence. Ayers today is a college professor.

The Acorn thing is a tempest in a teacup. The group paid employees by how my regisrations they collected. Some employees filled out ficticious voter registrations to hit their quota. This is registration fraud not voter fraud. It is unlikely that these ficticious registrations lead to votes.

Answer #7

alarena, I see you have a your talking points down pat. These lies and smear campaigns are not working. Obama has no relationship with ayers. Obama was EIGHT YEARS OLD when Ayers did his bobmings. Obama also has no connection to ACORN. And the charges being brought against ACORN are bogus. Wright is not a racist, unless you think any black man who voices an opinion that blacks have been mistreated is racist. Michelle Obama is plenty proud of her country. I think being a State Senator representing 650,000 people compared to mayor of a city of 7000 isn’t even close. Nor is comparing a US senator representing almost 12.8 million people to a governor of a state of 680,000. What good is experience if you have a history of showing bad judgement.

Phrannie, I would suggest you have not really listened to wright if you think he preaches racism. A black man complaining about how blacks are being treated by a white majority is not racism. Saying “I hate white people because of the color of their skin” is racism. That is not what he has said or done. Obama said he was not at the sermons that were going around youtube. He never said he didn’t hear things he disagreed with. My wife is a fairly devout catholic (although has many disagreements). She could not stand the former pastor. He was an ultra-right winger, often writing letters to the editor of the local paper. It did not prevent her attending the church, although she was never happy to see him saying mass.

The bottom line is all this guilt by association is a bunch of crap. McCain has plenty of that on his side too. Remember pastors Hagee and Parsley?

Answer #8

I guess, I can handle an association with Ayers…I think maybe that might be nothing much more than an inadvertant political “rubbing of elbows” (I too, can be naive)…only time will tell…However, I’ve never gotten passed 20 years of sitting a church, listening to a preacher (friend, mentor, pastor) that exhaults racism, and then, at first denying he’d ever heard anything like that!!…to then “dropping the association” (like right, I believe that)…It certainly isn’t the kind of services one could sleep through (could use that excuse)…let’s face it…it’s LOUD and energized!

A red flag went up in my gut…the whole scenerio is too incongurent for me to swallow, and I’ve never gotten passed it. With only myself to truly compare anything to, I know I would last only 20 minutes in a church whose pastor was preaching racism…racism in ANY POSSIBLE FORM…Having this person as a 20 year, friend and/or mentor for myself? Fat chance.

This isn’t a mere “guilt by association”…this is a LONG TERM friendship…Rev. Wright is 20 years older than Obama…my gut says…Teacher…Student…Mentor…Mentee…Father…son - a harmonious relationship between two men who see the world very much alike.


Answer #9

McCain is a Bush supporter, enough said!

We need a new direction, Bugs Bunny would be better than McCain.

Answer #10


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