How can I get my son to stop whining so much?

How can I get my son to stop whining so much. He is 1 and everytime he wants something he whines. He can be fine and if he sees me get his cup or chip or anything he starts to whine. Sometimes when I feed him he will whine in between bites. and he gets into everything and no matter how many times I pop his hand he will go back . How do I get him to stop being bad and listen.

Answer #1

Dear sxylady, First of all stop slapping his hands??? Through conditioning you have taught him to whine. A child has a hard time to explain what he wants so through sounds and actions he will try to communicate to you. Whining has been a way for him to communicate. You have leaned to read the whining such as when he wants a drink he’ll whine and you get him the drink. You are responsible for his whining…now teach him not to whine. When he wants a drink make him ask for one. He is able to point at a cup and say cup or drink. Refuse to give him one till he asks. Avoid giving him anything when he whines. And most importantly avoid slapping his hands, if you thought the whinning was bad you will soon become aware what slapping a child will do for his communication skills. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

Well, unfortunately, whining comes with the territory when you have a baby. Some babies are just little more impatient than others. Don’t worry, when he starts to comprehend things more he will improve. It’s nothing you are doing wrong, some babies are just like that.

Answer #3

It’s true, babies whine, cry and make sounds to communicate. As for the constant getting into things, my daughter is 9 months and does the same thing. You can expect the word NO or tapping of the hand NOT to work until he’s about 17 or 18 months. Babies do these things because of impulses. The part of their brain that makes them understand that not everyone wants to do what they want to do isn’t developed yet. They think because they’re interested in going after the same thing over and over, you are too. Also, babies love to explore. It’s the way they learn, through touching things, knocking them over, putting them into their mouths, it’s how they recognize what things are. Just have patience, he’ll grow out of it eventually. Meanwhile, try redirecting him by making a noise with one of his toys when he heads towards something he shouldn’t get into.

Good Luck :) Jess

Answer #4

Sorry but I have to laugh… My kids are teenagers so your boy is so cute to me.

I know it gets on your last nerve, but he sounds like he is impatient. When you get his cup out and he starts his whining he is telling you to hurry it up missy! Ask him to stop the fussing. If he doesn’t stop, set the cup down, and tell him calmly it is coming and he needs to stop fussing. If he goes crazy and starts crying or screaming take him out the room and put him on the floor in another room and tell him when he stops, he can have the cup. When he gets calm, get the cup and hand it to him. Tell him what a good boy he is while he is holding the cup and soon he will get it. You need to make sure that you stay calm during the ordeal.

That is what I did with my crazy kiddos. Hope it helps.

Answer #5

Yes, 1 is too young for him to learn to get things other ways, unfortunately! So you need to be really patient. But you can lay some good foundations by still saying ‘no’ every time you take him away from bad places, as he’ll begin slowly to associate the word ‘no’ with its meaning. You might try a few other words, with a very dramatic voice (not angry, just dramatic!) such as ‘no - danger!’, or ‘no - dirty!’, so that he slowly begins to learn why some things shouldn’t be touched e.g. fire or diapers!

If he’s whining inbetween mouthfuls of food, maybe you could distract him by singing to him or playing some relaxing music - it used to help me stay sane and ignore the whining, even if it didn’t help my son!

Good luck - and this stage doesn’t last too long, really!

Answer #6

If you go with what sue thiks is best…making him ask and don’t give him it tell he asks or points to what he wan’t, he’ll surely start losing weight from starvation. it’s a process , you have to work at it slowly. From the moment he was born crying and whinning was the way he told you he needed something. I think talking or singing over the whinning and not paying attition to him while he’s whinning , will help him get over it…once you make him happy with your singing or silly faces..then he can have it…and hey you gave it to him when he wasn’t all whinning crazy like for it. Jen

Answer #7

Crying is how baby cumunicate. They cant talk yet so they cry that is normal.

Answer #8

when he whines, don’t give in. in his mind, he’s associated whining with getting what he wants. tell him no when he starts whining for more snacks.

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