Why am I the odd one out at school?

how come i seem to be the only 1 that is the odd 1 out to every1 els in my school and the only person that suffers from others :/ ? :’(

Answer #1

suffers by what?

Answer #2

other people taking the mic

Answer #3

I’m sure you’re not the only one. You feel like you’re the only one because when something is bringing you down, it’s difficult to imagine that other people could possibly feel as bad as you do, but, they do. You’re not alone.

Answer #4

ok thanks :)

Answer #5

Hey, its cool :3 People will say you might not be the only one, which you might not be, but in school I was! Or atleast for the first 3/4 years of high school.. Everyone took the mick out of me, used to hit me, pick on me, one guy pinned me up against the lockers and tried to stab me with a pipe cutter.. But if you think of it, in a way it makes your stronger. You will get picked on, everyone gets picked on one way or another but the only thing you can really do is get over what they do or say, and put it in reverse.. Think about it, if someone said to you “You suck ass at art and your drawings are balls..” you would try and get better at it, or you would give up on it which is what I did and I really do not suggest you do! But they are making you stronger and when you become more confident you will realize later on “wow I was lame no wonder people used to pick on me!” .. Just don’t worry about what people say, don’t let them bring you down to their level.. They do it for attention, or normally because you are brighter than them and they would be jealous or something along those lines.. Be brave and look forward to finishing school and focus on your education and not on the people trying to ruin it! If you want more help feel free to FunMail me I love talking about problems that people suffer from and I would be more than happy to help you because I’ve just finished school and went through the same as you :-)!

Answer #6

i was always the odd ball and weirdo ;P be proud of it and let it characterize you positively. in the long run you are the one who was special and will be remembered, become something. focus on the good things about you

Answer #7

I’m always the odd one out. I’ve been pretty much the odd one out all throughout high school. I wasn’t popular at all and people often gave me mean looks and said rude things about me. In 9th grade, I was probably 99.9% alone. It made me feel so upset because people didn’t even bother to get to know me because they had their own cliques and all they wanted was to be popular. When I approached people, they always ditched me or left for another friend afterwards. I felt so lost. Now, I’ve actually learned to accept it. I’m happy of who I am and I’m really focused and determined to do well in school so I can be happy and successful in the future. I guess having hope will get you through because that is what I am holding on to. I’m the type of girl who likes to prove people wrong. I believe karma will get back to all the people that have said or done horrible things to me. I have so much determination and that is helping me become stronger. It’s helping me get through all the negativity people give me. I hope this helped. :)

Answer #8

High School was neither good nor bad for me. I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t popular either. I had my fair share of people harassing me, getting ignored, getting left out, having nowhere to sit at lunch, you get the idea. The thing is, I just graduated. And I can absolutely assure you that these people don’t mean ANYTHING after High School. I know that means nothing now because what matters at the present time is that you feel left out and there seems to be nothing you can do about it until you get out of there. High School sucks, it really does. But it gets better. You won’t always be the odd one out, once you are able to broaden your horizons you’ll see that there are so many amazing people out in the world that will except you and won’t leave you hanging. It’s hard now, but eventually, things will improve. For now, all you can do is learn to accept yourself and care less what others think. Their opinions won’t mean anything after High School. I’m sorry for this generic Sesame Street advice, but what really matters is that you see yourself for how amazing you are and can be, not what everyone else who doesn’t bother to know you perceives you as. Truth be told, I am a complete oddball. I wouldn’t have it any other way because some of the best works of art, fiction, movies, and creations were made by the weirdest people. Embrace your differences, cookie cutter people are boring. Best of luck :)


Answer #9

thank you , u hve all shown me its good to be me nd now i feel better of myself and to know im not the only 1 reminds me i cld hve it worse :)! thank u xxx

Answer #10

I understand what you are feeling too. I am smart and I dont really talk much unless its with friends or people I know. People always liked to pick on me because I am very skinny(not unheathy but still skinny). One day I stood up to them . People started to respect me that. You cant let them ese that what they are doing is getting to you.

Answer #11

I think these type of weird thoughts comes in your mind and just try to be cool and don’t think like that. [url=http://funadvice.com/r/btkjtuivgid]

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