Performing arts school... is ther one?

do you know where a performing arts school that is around dover or york or lanester or harrisburg. Like a singing school and a dancing school so you could have experiance and get known?

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Arts High School in New Jersey.
Kat deLuna graduated there, and she's is very well known.
It incorporates the arts, including:
visual art, dance, tv production, drama, vocal, and instrumental.

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theres a performing arts school in new york.

go to google and type in performing art schools and you should find some of the best ones.

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I don't know but I'm sure there is. Try typing it into google I've tried this a lot, loads come up.

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there is a performing arts academy in NJ its great but you have to still be in high school

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The school your talking about is called Juliard School of Performance Arts in New York. It's a hard school to get in to and it's very prestigious. John Mayer and many of the actors on Broadway graduated from there.

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