How does a 13 year old get a dildo without her parents knowing?

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I really would advise against getting one, because theres always the chance they might find it... and that would be hella awkward. but if you have some cash, then maybe give it to an older friend to go out and buy u one. most likely ur parents drive u everywhere, so whatever shop u go to theyl follow most likely. well thats my advice, to the best of my ability

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Have an older friend go buy one at Spencers Gifts. They have them there for like 8-10 dollars. I only know this because I was going to buy one to put in a teacher's (that i didn't like) purse. Lol. I never got around to it though.

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They sell them at wal-mart here O___e my friends made me buy one, and then return it the next day saying "it's too small!"l XD If you can get to wall-mart by yourself then you could hide it in your drawer or something.

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No way! That's brutal! I ♥ Wal-mart!

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lmao..wuld they let me buy it tho?

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i <3 Spencers

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If you are interested in a vibrator rather than a dildo, there are many substitutes. One good one is a nail polisher you can get at any drug store.

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spencers has lots of sex toys i got one for my friend as a gag gift i also get my bullwips and chains from spencers they are amazing

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They let me buy it, so I don't see why they wouldn't let you

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haha you can go to a mall or shopping center by yourself with money and go to spencers hide it in another bad when u get home then hide it somewhere they wont find it

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theres no age to buying sex toys and condoms

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Me too! It is so brutalcore!

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lmfao ikr? spencers nd hot topic is my place =D haha

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I'm pretty sure at Spencer's you have to be eighteen to buy those kinds of products. However, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

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Same here. =D

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lol the people at hot topic know me, whenever i come in they all wave to me haha =D

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Haha. It's starting to get that way with me too. Woot for being recognized at Hot Topic!

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lol its such an awesome store =D

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eletric toothbrush :)

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