If you had the chance to redesign FunAdvice, what features would you add/change?

Answer #1

I’ve noticed many from time to time, but don’t have the whole list in my head. I’ll add them here as I think of them.

  1. I’d like to be able to edit the URL of any video I embed. Youtube videos often get removed (by the site or the owner), but many of those times a Youtube search will find them posted in another account. Currently I can edit most of a video posting here, but not the URL.
Answer #2
  1. Choosing your own user name url,

  2. Adding a block button.

  3. Adding people as contacts and exporting there Info. In case If Fun Advice shuts down D:

  4. Adding a adult section for photos, and posts, comments, questions.

  5. Making almost similar to Facebook or MySpace :D

Answer #3

I would make a permanent blocker for blocking people. I would bring member of the month back. And I think I would add an advisor or 2 because not many old advisors come on much anymore

Answer #4

I agree with 2, 3 and 4. :P the others dont both me too much. and I agree with Queens statement on advisors.

Answer #5

There is already a mature sections for posts and questions. I don’t see the need to have adult photo section. @Joshua thanks for agreeing

Answer #6

True @ 4. The mature section is there..

Answer #7

Like for people who add photos of there half boobs showing or ummmmmmm people who have of there body showing something like that.

Answer #8

Nap weirded me out with that one. I mean this is not a p*rn site so why adult photos and such, and I think its in the rules that you can’t post certain adult things. There is no way I would change that rule, if in fact it is one, which I believe it is

Answer #9

Those are inappropriate pics, if your gonna post a pic make it descent, there is no reason to have those kinds of pics on this particular site

Answer #10

I think the site would have to apply for special permits etc if we did that XD Nah.. FA’s photo spot is fine how it is at the moment in my opinion.

Answer #11

Okay good, cause lately when I sign on there are some photos or maybe those were spammers,

When i click on the link said photo does not exist ?

Answer #12
  1. Also a automatic bot, if it detects bad photos, or people spamming they automatically get removed :D
Answer #13

Now that’s a great idea for photos and spammers

Answer #14

Indeed! Great idea Nap :D

Answer #15

Also.. notify when people reply to status updates and stuff.. Keeping track of all replies is hard :/

Answer #16

I horribly disagree with 5. xD I come in here to get away from that.

Answer #17

1)Block button 2)We should be able to approve our followers before they can actually see our profiles 3)in the “people” section people shouldn’t be able to see someone’s photos and be able to fm someone without even following them first

Answer #18

Oh Muffin 5 Is the best ;D

Answer #19

Also 7. Nap should be a adviser rank or a mod to delete pesky spammers with a single click.

Answer #20


Answer #21

I plead the 5th on my opinion for nmber 7

Answer #22

4)oh and the ability to delete comments and questions

5)And the ability to ask questions anonymously

Answer #23

Even if you aren’t following someone, if they post a new photo in the photo section you can click it & scroll through all of their pictures by that little thing on the side, I think you should only be able to see that one new picture if you aren’t following them. :p

Answer #24

I agree :P

Answer #25

Questions and answeres: A way for each member to easily review all they’re previous questions and answers.

Answer #26

Okay :D

Answer #27

I agree with #1. Thanks, Nap!

Answer #28

There should be some way to identify who is an advisor.

Answer #29

I agree with #4 - the ability to delete any of your own posts at any time.

Answer #30

Yes! I requested this years ago.

Answer #31

there is the blue m’s or something.

Answer #32
  1. Ability to see all notifications, and to get a notification each time a person responds to a post, or under your comment/answer as opposed to the way it is now; only getting a notification the first time a person responds.
  2. to be able see all your own questions or answers
  3. I think users should be able to delete their own posts (I do know that it is the way it is in case someone posts something inappropriate and deletes it and leaves a moderator with no proof)
  4. More advisors, many of the old ones do not come online anymore.
  5. being able to navigate and modify your “album” better and being able to navigate through other’s “album” better.
  6. A better search, the search, quite frankly, isn’t that great.
  7. A way to look for certain members besides utilizing their email (a lot of users are friends solely on here and have not exchanged emails)
Answer #33

Yeah :D

Answer #34

5 is horrible, this is really meant to be more of a question site, isn’t it? Not another social network.

Answer #35

agreed dominique

Answer #36

yes yes yes. I agree very much on this one. I think this would be my only thing actually

Answer #37

If someone chooses to follow you, there should be a process whether you accept or not. It is easy for someone to see the contents on your page just with click of a button, making the profile “private” totally unneccessary

Answer #38

profile designing.

Answer #39

riiight, why not just torch the place instead……. also, making you an advisor after that crap you pulled…..

starts pouring gasoline

Answer #40

thats what im thinking like really?who does he think he is?! helps with the gasoline

Answer #41

ok, here are some ideas that have not been mentioned….

  1. being able to go past the first page of questions….
  2. Anonymous Questions, yes i think we should bring that back it allows people to ask more “private” or “controversial” questions, un askable thanks to peer pressure and whatnot
  3. removing the points system, and substituting it with something more… like a proper trustworthy rank or something similar…
  4. an IRC like chat, would create some great discussions :)

well thats just my 2 cents

Answer #42


Answer #43

internet relay chat… never heard of it before?

Answer #44

I totally miss being able to edit my answers and comments. I hate reading over my stuff afterwards and then spot a typo that I cannot fix.

Another nice-to-have would be a function for different fonts text styles and maybe a set of smilies. Not too much of that, because people would over-use it. I was thinking of being able to switch to a typewriter-font, where all letters have equal width. That would make posting ASCII-art possible. And a handful of colors, as well as fat, italic and underlined would be nice.

Answer #45

I’d add a chat feature like facebook has

Answer #46

You can check our profiles, and you will see a little blue badge icon next to our usernames.

Answer #47

Call me old-fashioned, but I much preferred the old format of the site. So my answer is to re-create the old look… Or turn back the clock :D.

Answer #48
  1. I would make some changes to the pictures section. Pictures come out too small on this site.
  2. A way to modify and edit your responses to questions and have a way to add to it later on.
  3. Have the website learn what members you usually talk to the most and have icons of their profiles pictures on the side or top as you browse about on the site. Underneath the icon, you will see in real time, if the person is logged on or logged off or if that specific person has sent you a message or FunMail.
  4. More ways to make your page personal and change background images, fonts and colors.
  5. Have a group section.
Answer #49
  1. The banned words filter needs to be redone. There are so many common words used my news media that we can’t use or we have to alter or modify and make them look silly and its just about the only website I’ve seen that makes you do that.
Answer #50
  1. Members profiles that have been inactive for years. I don’t think that they have any intention on coming back after more than three or four years without logging on. Doesn’t that take too much room? Having all those thousands of profiles on the servers when the website really have less than 300 active members (being generous on the 300) What’s the point?
Answer #51

Yes, an IRC chat would be awesome.

Answer #52

Blocking, making it so that you have to follow people in order for them to see your private profile instead of the other way around, only showing people’s updates of people you follow in a certain feed, having alerts when someone replies to your posts….

Answer #53

Admittedly, Old School. but… I liked it when a answer could be editted by the submitter for the first few minutes after clicking on the ‘Answer’ button. Also being able to access ALL my past answers was really nice.

Answer #54


Answer #55
  • Better profile setups. Preferably a way to have it so your photos, followers and About me are private, but people are still able to browse your Questions and status updates. Also a way to actually stop people from continuously following you.
  • The search bar sucks. I have no idea how to improve that sort of thing, but I’ve never gotten it to search for things properly for me.
  • I actually think the notifications section is okay, since it all comes up under the Everything Else tab on your profile anyway.
  • Bringing back the Anonymity for questions would help some people.
  • More moderation would be nice, but I think what we really need is more people who treat this like a Q&A site and not a social site for thirteen year olds.
Answer #56

Oh, also the ability to delete things would be great. I hate it when I duplicate post. Even better would be the ability to answer anonymously, with some way that moderators could still see who was posting in the case of it being abused.

Answer #57

A little late to the ‘suggest stuff’ party - my needs are small, approval of who follows - some privacy settings in regards to such things as photos, so that you can choose to have some photo’s that only be seen by those that you have approved!

Some new advisors would be nice too.

Answer #58

Going with what Hayyim said, I think there should be a way to see which advisors are online so if someone were to need something, they could contact them.

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