Why do they call life savers candy "life savers"?

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They save your life from the delicious flavors.

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Woops, I meant by the delicious flavors.

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Cuz if u accidentaly swallow it, the hole in it makes it so ur air way won't b completly blocked makein it so u can still breath

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Seriously ? :O

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Yes, I have asked many ppl and that's wat they all said

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I never knew that !

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Don't feel bad, I'm 34 and didn't find out till like 5 yrs ago

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It's because they were fashioned from a ship's life preserver, commonly known as a "life saver".

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A lot of people believe that but it is an urban myth.

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I wondered that once.. My cousin told me that if I swallowed it, I wouldnt choke on it and I would be able to breathe..
That just freaked me out and I stopped having them for a while.. I had weird nightmares about a life saver chewing me up for a month! ( i was In 2nd grade back then! :P)

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Cuz they saved lifes.just take one pop it in ur mouth chew it(while ur dyin)then BOOM it saves ur life:]

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