*New! Debate: Should schools require their students to wear a school uniform?

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Results as of 11/16/2011: Yes: 61% No: 28% Undecided: 11%

Answer #1

NO More like a dress code. No skirts to short or shirts. But still let them be their selves. The thing about uniforms is they dont allow any character show through. I think thats important in school. Learn about your character and how to advance from it. I understand that some kids go all out. As long as they are not dressing to inappropriate

Answer #2

Yes! Perhaps less stress on the parents when shopping for clothes.

Answer #3

Yes,considering I’ve worn a school uniform since the age of 3 it makes the whole school look smart and makes you look like a community and people can identify which school you go to, I like the idea of wearing school uniforms.

Answer #4

In the Los Angeles Unidied school district they could issue them orange jumpsuits, kinda get them ready for the future.

Answer #5

. I say: . . . . Y E S . . . . . ……. for two main reasons: . (a) an affordable and functional uniform, that must be worn by all pupils during school hours, ensures that children from poorer families are not made to feel inferior by wealthy posers who would no doubt chose to swan around in expensive fashionable brands merely to flout their prosperity; . (b) when out among the general public on certain types of organized school activity, it is easier for the supervising adults to maintain order and do routine regular “headcounts”, thus making it less likely that a child might be, abducted, or subjected to some form of impropriety etc. by, ( shall we say ) “unsavoury” members of the public. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #6

The idea of a school uniform is to maintain unity between students. It unites students belonging to rich and middile class, different religions etc.

Answer #7

No, why? Because i wouldnt like it. I like v-necks and shorts. Here in texas, button ups, or heavy clothing is more than uncomfortable. We choose what we wear, just like we choose the decisions we make. If its incriminating, its our fault.

Answer #8

although maybe in a younger setting, because kids arent as picky. Plus they dont generate their own income. I buy what I wear with the intent to wear.

Answer #9

yes i agree, some of the kids today wear very inappropriate clothes to schools. and thry spend to much time thinking what to wear especially the girls, and lets say there is a poor girl in class that doesnt have the money to buy nice clothes she will only get bullied and teased by other students. schools shoud have uniforms so all students get to be equal and no body gets teased or judge based on appearance

Answer #10


I think it’s…pointless. I wouldn’t wear a uniform, and I know half the kids here wouldn’t either lol. I think it’s too controlling, the kids would be dressing how the school wanted them to, not how they wanted to. Let kids wear what they want.

Answer #11

I say yes because kids can be cruel. If everyone wears the same then at least they can’t make fun for what you are wearing. You would get those who have a different outfit for everyday but for some that just isn’t possible.

Answer #12

if they arent making fun of your attire, im sure they find something else to pick on.

Answer #13

I disagree with the first part of ur statement, my children have to wear uniforms and they cost me more money than when they didn’t wear uniforms. I do agree with the second statement though

Answer #14


Answer #15

Yes. I think that now people get too obsessed with what they’re wearing and less focused on school. And I always thought the idea of wearing a uniform would be cool :D Now it seems like kids wear some really inappropriate clothes to school and even with dress codes… they can find a way to wear what they want -_-

Answer #16

Yes, but with special provisions for those who can’t afford it. Meaning uniforms no longer fitting the child could be recycled for those who can’t afford the costs of new ones.

Kids would not be able to discriminate as easily between the have’s and the have not’s. There would be more focus on school work then fashion statements. And it would save wear and tear on the teaching population having to monitor and spin their wheels over what the kids are wearing be it fashion statement or gang colors.

Answer #17

Hell no! No one could ever tell me what to do even back then, yes I got into trouble all the time but a schools job in my opinion is to educate me, not freakin dress me or decide what is proper attire based on some adults or boards conservative opinions lol. I hate all uniforms, and that is just the way I am.

Answer #18

There is no logical relation between studying in school and wearing the special uniform during schooltimes,so i think it’s a matter of caring consideration giving importance to the different self-cult(what, if is necessary to make symbolized,must be through different aspects of symbolification) of each and every students,as well as the financial condition of their family,if the uniforms are so costly.

Answer #19

Yes, school uniforms should be a national policy. :D When I was in school, my family was quite poor. I bathed regularly and combed my hair and everything and was fairly average except I had the cheapest salvation army-bought clothes. We couldn’t afford anything designer, or even “in style” for that matter. I, along with a small and loosely associated group of other “poor kids” got teased and picked on for this mercilessly. The rich kids joked together about how I lived in a dumpster lol. One time a kid came up behind me and ripped my cheap t-shirt along the back, all the way to the collar. (with the logic that it was garbage, and he was trying to get it off my back) how nice of him… I had to explain to my father why I needed a “new” shirt. I don’t think all of it would have been so intense if there were school uniforms. I think fashion and/or style have no place in a school (universities and colleges aside), as it only supports class-distinctions and cliques, and is really just a huge distraction, for the aggressors and their targets. I wasn’t there to have my family’s financial status be judged based on the clothing labels I didn’t wear. I was there to learn stuff, and fortunately I just waded through all of it with a distant look in my eyes. Although a couple of my “friends” left school because of the incessant heckling. Now they’re uneducated and unemployed. If people would have treated them respectfully as fellow students instead of labeling and alienating them based on their clothing, the world would have a few less uneducated and unemployed individuals today.

Answer #20

Yikes! A bit of a rant, sorry. I think this is important though.

Answer #21

good argument, That’s why I think the schools should supply the uniforms. Too bad our (American) public schools are vastly under-funded.

Answer #22

Do you need clothes to express your character?

Answer #23

Yes. But there should be room for indviduality as well. In my school there was a basic uniform: black skirt/trousers black tights/socks black shoes black cardigan white shirt school tie or poloshirt. After that you could wear whatever jacket bag shoes (as long as they are black) headscarfs jewellery or whatever. A uniform unites a school but it’s important to be able to express yourself too.

Answer #24

parents don’t shop with us, theyjust give us the money and let us shop lol

Answer #25

Yes. Especially for grade and middle school A: Less distraction for the students to allow them to focus more on education B: For the social health of the kids. Just think of the friends they might make based on personality, conversation and other things they may have in common (especially the ‘new kid”) rather than some economic or fashion based judgement which is a great lesson in it’s self. C: Less burden on parents because so many of them are single, unemployed or underemployed. D: Just like many workplaces and the military, the uniform symbolizes that you are part of a team or a member of a school and can create a feeling of unity. When a person goes to military basic training, the uniform instantly makes everyone the same and starts the first lesson: teamwork. This was a very good question!!!!!

Answer #26

P.S. I promise I’m not a communist, just a person who knows how cruel and judgemental kids can be and they need every advantage they can get nowadays to shine and achieve.

Answer #27

NO…. I understand school uniform makes the school students look nicer and allows the students to be walking advertisement for the schools, but a student spends their entire school life wearing a uniform from year 1 to year 12. They then finish school, go to university or college and its free dress every day for the two year or so until their course ends, then after higher education, the student lands a job and their workplace will stipulate they have a preferred or compulsory work uniform policy for all their employees!!!!…..So basic on my simple logic, I say “bin all school uniform policies” and let the students wear what they want as they will end up wearing a uniform for an employer later down the track.

Answer #28

No but it helps. Your style shows your character

Answer #29

Yes. or they can simply have rules to what kind or color clothes students should wear.. though uniforms would be easier for the school and for the students in my opinion

Answer #30

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother spend a ton of money buying polos and dress pants than jeans and t-shirts. We’re kids, we should be able to express who we are, who unquie we are. We can worry about uniforms when we need a job but right now we should be having fun and doing as much as possible. To me I don’t care if my jeans come from goodwill, don’t care one bit, you can’t tell and you know what, where I live, half of the school wears goodwill too. If people care on what others wear, they’re that insecure about their selves, what they wear and how they look and kids shouldn’t worry aobut that, that’s just completely pointless and a waste of their time. As long as we (the kids) don’t go overboard (cleavage showing,, too short shorts or skirts, baggy pants, chains, bandanas, dorags etc….) then we shouldn’t be forced to have a uniform. that’s my point and I’m stickin’ to it GO FREE EXPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D <3

Answer #31

I would say NO! Because I already have to take care of my Cadet uniform and if I have another one to iron and wash and all of that crap I’d lose track of things and get confused…And you know I get confused really easily..!

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