What would you do if a young 13-15 teen on FunAdvice confides to you that they are meeting a total stranger, an adult 20-28 also from FunAdvice?

Answer #1

FunMail the information to an Admin

Answer #2

Inform them of the concept that is paedophilia.

Answer #3

Convince them that it’s a baddddddd idea! And yeah as Colleen said, Fun Mail an admin.

Answer #4

oh, the Admin thing too :P

Answer #5

How do I spill such information without causing those people from knowing it was me. I am the only one who knows.

Answer #6

Well you just posted the situation as a Question….. So you pretty much just told the whole community.. minus your friend’s name…

Answer #7

there isnt much you can do.. the admin may send them emails against the idea and could ban them from the site.. but it doesnt mean they still wont use a different chat system and meet up still.. i hope this teen knows what they are doing. its dangerous to meet ppl online espec with the age different.. something like that happen to me when i was in grade 9 so around 14 years old, i meet a person online.. they said they were 18 i meet him at my old public school i walked up to the car and saw that he looked really old.. so i told him i couldnt go out that i was grounded and had to get back home.. luckly thats as far as it went i went home, then looked him up in more chat programs and it showed he was married with children in his 40s i questioned him about it and he said a bunch of words i wont repeat and ya that was it… so you really have to be careful who you meet, and have the smarts to get out of it before anything happens

Answer #8

why would a 28 year old bloke want to meet a 14 year old girl….

some right sick bastards around and i hate them..

ban the git

Answer #9

That would be the idea, lol ;)

Answer #10

i have a feeling i know who it is…. he prays around the young uns pics saying how sexy they are :|

Answer #11

I’ve seen a few like that…tough to pinpoint just one

Answer #12

no alert

this one does only 13, 14, 15 year olds

Answer #13

I’m sure the people involved know who they are, and will read this question, so I want to again remind those involved that this is not a good idea. Nothing good can come of you two meeting, for any reason, and nothing good can come of a twenty something year old personally befriending a young teenager. You did the right thing, Ben. At least attention has been called to the fact that this meeting may indeed be taking place and there will be “witnesses” and “evidence” should this turn out to be another sad statistic. I sincerely hope it doesn’t and the people involved wake up and think of the possible circumstances and consequences they may be dealing with.

Answer #14

Oh, and I want to add that you, Owlhumper, are extremely lucky. I’m sure that now you are older you realize that and how incredibly stupid it is to do something like that. It’s sad the world is such a dangerous place and that you can’t trust everyone, but it’s a cold hard fact.

Answer #15

the person must be a perv…thats not a good idea at all…but like owlhumper said theres nothing u can really do,,well try talking to the teen about it 2 see if u can change their mind!

Answer #16

FYI, if they don’t have sexual contact it’s not paedophilia.. Just saying.

Answer #17

Honestly, as much as it would be nice to do something, the police can’t do anything unless they know what the names of the full names of the people are. The admin could block the guy, but that wont exactly help the girl.

Answer #18

There is no mention here of the gender of any of the people involved.

Answer #19

There was no mentioning of the gender of the people involved but still I see how they keep calling the adult a male and the teen a girl.

Answer #20

I am not mentioning names as I only know the young person. But I was assured that the meeting will take place in a crowded area with hundreds of people and they will be accompanied by a family member. It is bizarre, but better than alone in some parking lot.

Answer #21

My bad. You are right. The number of male predators online outweighs the female predators by a huge percent (not to say women don’t do this sort of thing, but usually they do it in a more personal way). Still, you are right, shouldnt make assumptions.

Answer #22

First of all it has nothing to do with pedo.philia, pedophilia is the sexual preference of pre-pubescent children. Ephebophilia is the sexual preference of adolescents, and it is simply a preference that makes one an ephebophile, you dont have to do anything to be put in this category. However, sexual contact or exploitation of a minor does make the person a sex offender.

Answer #23

I’m just saying it sounds a bit dodgey.. :S

Answer #24

Is cool. You were right anyway about your assumptions.

Answer #25

Everyone is right about the assumptions anyway.

Answer #26

So Ephebophilia is not a sexual dysfunction then?

Answer #27

ya I was very lucky he could of jumped out of the car and snacted me.. it was late at night and i was alone.. and the place was def not crowded being my old public school.. i didnt go close enough to the car from him to reach me.. but ya it was a pretty scary and wake up what are you doing all at the same time

Answer #28

that is extrememy odd. a 13-15 year old shouldn’t be talking to a 20-28 year old.

Answer #29

i know its not a nice situation and you want to stop it happening but if that person(your friend) insists on meeting and they’s really not much you can do to stop them meeting then you should ask your friend for a contact number for you to make sure she( you said everybody was right) is ok at the time or ask her to text you etc, make sure you know the place they are meeting, times and stuff etc

i suppose its better that they’ll be a family member present rather than on her own :)

hope it all works out

Answer #30

Well i disagree with it completely. Even if they are being accompanied by a family member. Is family member an adult? A cousin? It’s not right. What possibly could a 13-15 yr old be able to supply a 20-28 yr old? Sex? It’s not ok. And if my cousin asked me to do something like that for them I would opose. You have to look at what could happen afterwards. Later down the line. But that’s my opinion and I am aware it happens all over the nation. Even when parents are invovled and are ok with it. J@*& Bait. Even if it’s taken to court being said it is ok with the parents, it’s not ok with the law.

Answer #31

That’s just usually how it goes. I do not believe there are too many young guys who have reported being attacked by an older woman. But it does happen. BTW the teacher and her student who had a baby together have 2 more kids I think.

Answer #32

Im actually in a relationship with a 20yr old at the moment. i dont see the problem with it as long as an adult is present with the younger girl. and it isnt overly odd that someone that young (my age) is talking to someone that old. for all anybody know right now? they could just want to meet up to get to know each other, maybe they just wanna be friends, i dunno. but unless it turns sexual then i see no problem.

Answer #33

I hope it’s platonic.

Answer #34

If you lose this friends friendship you shouldnot beat yourself up over it. You did the right thing by seeking different opinions on the subject. And if your friend do not see your concern or the danger they are putting themself in, then count it as their loss, not yours. There aren’t many “friends” who show concern like you have.

Answer #35

This is complicated, it all comes down to the factor we don’t know, like gender, interests, general personality, i’m 18 and i have friends in their 40’s, and one of my good friends is in his late 20s, so it all depend who and what they’re like, though if they’re opposite gender, or if the older party gives off the wrong vibes, then it could be trouble

Answer #36

Just to give you guys an update. I don’t know if the person read this discussion but the meeting never took place.

Answer #37

i think it shuldnt haapen

Answer #38

that is very dangerous

Answer #39

tell her that r*pe is one of the worst feelings in the world ),,:

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