How did you meet your partner/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend etc?

I’m just interested to know how you guys/girls met your boyfriends or girlfriends or husbands etc and how long you have been together. My boyfriend and I started dating after I asked him to our matric dance and we’ve now been together for four years.

Answer #1

I met my boyfriend in My freshan Health class he was in my group for the sex chapter in the book. Haha!

Answer #2

My hubby was my supervisor at a place I worked for a brief time…we’ve been together 7 years.

Answer #3

I met my boyfriend in elementary school, had his name painted on my wall, had diary pages just of his name writen over and over, the whole crush shabang haha. Now we’ve been together 4 years :)

Answer #4

i met my boyfriend in english class:)

Answer #5

I had a crush on his best friend :-P I knew Brandon through classes and stuff, but I always saw him as the guy in the back of the room that looked like he was going to kick some ass. Randy, the guy I liked, called me to hang out one day with him and Brandon. I started texting Randy about that afterward and got a response on Brandon’s phone. The two of us ended up talking on the phone for 5 hours that night, and then 7 the next day. We were dating by the end of the week :)

Answer #6

i meant him someplace online.

Answer #7

lol, odd change of events huh? :D

Answer #8

I met my boyfriend at a camp (I’m young). I didn’t like him at first but once camp was over I started to miss him, then I got to know him. Now we go out!

Answer #9

i met mine online and not on a dating website. we have been together over one year and four months and it has been hectic but were dealing and weve met each other in person with my mom and his mom and that was a fun time.i love him so much abd miss him just so.X3

Answer #10

We’ve been dating for almost a year BTW. :D We didn’t start dating until the begenning of our sophmore year.

Answer #11

mines was painting my nephews room

Answer #12

Lol. I like that.

Answer #13

he sold me the radio i had in my car. lol

Answer #14

Met my bf a month ago at my best friend’s birthday party

Answer #15

I met my bf because his sister is my best friend. At the time I was kinda sad and whatnot and their family was there for me. His sister was my best friend then he became my bf. We’ve been together for a year and some:))

Answer #16

I met my boyfriend while he was breaking up with his ex, pretty much exactly a year ago. I hated him. We talked, and we’ve been together two months on saturday.

Answer #17


& HE WENT TO MY SCHOOL I DIDNT KNW & one day we meet & thats how we been together 4 (7 months )

Answer #18


& HE WENT TO MY SCHOOL I DIDNT KNW & one day we meet & thats how we been together 4 (7 months )

Answer #19

I met my boyfriends when he came as a new kid to school last year and my friends invited him to hang with us, now hes been part of our group for the past year and hes a great friend to all of them and a great boyfriend (= <3

Answer #20

lol :]

Answer #21

I met my boyfriend at a friends 21st party a couple of years ago. We had our first date the next day

Answer #22

Sports camp, and i fell in love when i saw him play basketball ; )

Answer #23

haha. That is so cool.

Answer #24

school :) in geometry class to b exact!

Answer #25

My girlfriend and i met in my freshman year of highschool. She simply was at the right place but at the wrong time. What i mean is… she thought it was her class but it wasn’t yet. As soon sa she walked into the door i was dumbfounded. She stayed with us, becuz me and my firiends were eating lunch in the class, and we just got ot talking. unfortunately i was dating another girl at the time. i ended up leaving her for my girlfriend now, her name is Rochelle. But there was one point in time where i still had feeling for my ex, so i told rochelle i couldn’t be with her…at least not yet. So a year passed and i finally built up the courage t ask her out again after getting over my guilt and talking with her ever since the begining of sophmore year. WE went to see New Moon on November 20th and that’s when we first kissed. LAter that night around midnight we were texting and she said “What would ur mother say if we started dating” and i said “They would probobly disapprove but only becuz they dnt want me dating anyone at all” and so i asked her what would her mother say and she said the same. And so i said “But what do YOU want” and she said “I… want to be with you MAtt..” and so i said “So let’s be together.” and she said “ok.. LET’S” lolol it was so funny and i was so happy. and last thing i said was “Well, goodnight baby… MAN THIS IS SO COOL!!” lol man… i love her. We’ve been dating for 7 monthes. and 17 days.

Answer #26

That’s funny and romantic at the same time. :)

Answer #27

SiNgLe! Lol.

Answer #28

I met my boyfriend at a babyshower that my mom coundnt make so i had to go for her…yay=)

Answer #29

I don’t have boyfriend >. .<

Answer #30


Answer #31

I met my husband my freshman year of highschool. He was the new kid, and he played football. well the first few days of school, i noticed him looking my way a lot. and i have to admit, i did look at him a few times, he was cute. lol. anyways about a week or two later he asked me out and we dated my entire freshman year of highschool. but then we broke up. became friends for the last few years of my highschool. we always wanted to get back together, but he had a problem dumping his girlfriend (didn’t want to hurt her because she was attached to and i had a problem dumping my boyfriends also, and it just never worked out the way we wanted, then finally we both “grew some balls” and he finally dumped his girlfriend for me, like he had always wanted to do.well we dated that summer and on. then he proposed to me, and now we’re married and he’s in the navy and i moved to SC and so far my life is great! =)

Answer #32

i met my boyfriend in a graveyard. lol. weird but me and my friend had just saw a scary movie and we felt like walking through the graveyard and he was by the graveyard with some of my other friends. i got scared and he held me and we been inseperable ever since. lol ;)

Answer #33

You’ll met them when you met them. You never know.

Answer #34

Believe it or not i met my boyfriend through the phone on the party line. i know. thaat is so werid. Butt im happy :] we are going to have two years together in september..

Answer #35

i meet ma boyfriend threw ma brother hes 1 year younger than me so he hangs outt with people that are mine and some his age so one day 1 of his friends ask me outtt and frist i siad no because at the time i had a BF but he start bein wierd will i kant describe it he had brought me a necklace with ma brithstone in it i really got aattracted tew him after a while i no he could see i liked him i could see he like me tew so after a while he asked agian and i siad yes even though i had to break up with my boyfriend that was way cuteier than him we were going outt for 1year 2weeks and only 1 break up and he never remeberd anything about me…………..AND THATS HOW I MEET MA BOYFRIEND……………

Answer #36

At my church. I go to church with a family that lives by me. The minute I saw him i knew there was definitly something different about him, and I liked that. 2 months later(august last year) we got together and have been ever since with no issues whatso ever :) I love him very much

Answer #37

i know this is very dangerous… but i met my girl on Runescape about 3 or 4 years ago… and we actually hated eachother at first, but talked and talked… and everyday we get closer and closer

Answer #38

lolol awesome

Answer #39

aww thats soo sweet :]

Answer #40

i met my bf in band class in eight grade and we sat by each other for the wholee year and we were really close. then in april this year the school had a dance and it was the last song and I asked HIM to dance….. and that wass when he asked me out:] so we been together for 3 or 4 months? haha he is the one who keeps track of that stuff lol<3 I love you cody<33

Answer #41

i met my gf on an internet site and she was comming to where i live with her school and then a big coincidence happened , it was that my school was holding the exchange with hers, and i joined it and we met and fell in love , now wer in a long distance relationship for a year and a month :) i go there and she comes here , im going to see her next month :D shes the best thing that ever happened to me <3

Answer #42

hahah very cute =]

Answer #43

i met my boyfriend in elementary 5th grade wen my friends had a crush on him haha den he left to north carolina and when we were in jr high me n my friends went to the fair n there he was he had come back and he was with his brothers so we all said hi to him then weeks later he sent me a friend request on myspace we started tmesaging then he gave me his number and after some months he asked me out n weve been 2gether for 2yrz 10 months i think it was meant to be lol =]

Answer #44

I met my boyfriend at work. He was a shiftleader and I was a service clerk. xD

Answer #45


Answer #46

i met my boyfriend through my sister. She had so many great things to say about him, and I just randomly added him on facebook one day. I then started talking to him, and we went to a fireworks show together, and now we’re dating.

Answer #47

Yummy haha

Answer #48

I met the love of my life actually in elementary school . We hated each other then. But years went by and i hadnt seen him in a while and i started talkin to my neighbor and i dated him for a while. Little did i know i was talking to him still and this guy messaged me on myspace and i knew him because he was my ex’s cousin well we started talkin and he was and still is amazing. He was the guy that i hated in elementary school and now i dont have a clue what i would do with out him in my live he is amazing. Our first date we went to see a movie. The movie was He’s Just not that in to you ! HAHA funny i know but if you have seen it there is a song at the end of the movie called Somewhere only we know by keane . Well the day before we were talking about if he would dance with me and he said any where. So i reminded him and he asked me to dance in the middle of the movie and it was great i loved it . every one turned and watched us dancing :) its been 1 year and a half and every day is great i look forward to every morning that i get to wake up in his arms !!

Answer #49

me and my sister had went to the skating rink toghter and well I had a very light pink shirt on and my bra was white and the black light in the skating rink made my bra glow extremly bad.. So I took my bra off and put it in my locker and well when it was time to leave I grabbed my stuff out of my locker and wasn’t completely thinkin and dropped the bra and didn’t even notice well I looked back and seen a lot of people formed in a circle and I thought there was a fight so I went over there and everyone was laughin because my bra was layin in the floor and I bout had an heart attack!!! :/ gahh it was horrible lol!!

Answer #50

I meet my boyfriend at the Pet store I was gett’n a hamtser. Then like a week later we saw each other again at a Paint Ball place.And he shot me in the leg….then he helped me.And we started dating!!

Answer #51

My significant other worked for my mom and one day down on the shop floor I was helping to fix the turret machine and we were standing there alone waiting for Rich (another employee) to bring us some tools and I jokingly told him he was kinda cute. He laughed and I never thought anything of it and the next month he offered to take me to homecoming and we’ve been together roughly 8 months now. :) We are a…very random

Answer #52

i meet my bf i sexed in grade 7

Answer #53

i meet my bf i sexed in grade 7

Answer #54

i meet my bf i sexed in grade 7

Answer #55

Haha wow I met my boyfriend allen over the phone by my best friend court. Then we met up at the mall while i was at the time dating his best friend vincent, whom i had just met in person, but we were dating over the phone. Then vincent asked out my best friend court right in front of me because i was not his type, a little overweight. Pfft big deal. But anyways, then allen and i started talking more and more and he asked me out on valentines day about a year and a half later. :) We’ve been dating for 2 years.

Answer #56

awwww thats so sweet

Answer #57

i met my boyfriend when i was in the 7th grade and he was in the 5th grade. he was the new kid and we became friends. last year i finally got the guts to ask him to go with me to a school dance and then we saw new moon! (any guy willing to see twilight with you is a keeper!!) and then he asked me out the day after christmas. best christmas present ever! :) we’ve been together for 7 months now. :)

Answer #58

I met my boyfriend at a rowing regatta!! We over took his boat and won our race ;) xx

Answer #59


Answer #60

People who used to be my friends gave my boyfriend my number then he txted me and asked me out by saying”do you want to be the perfect couple” we have been together for 2 months on july 24th

Answer #61

i met my man in algebra he moved from new york and it was love at first site!

Answer #62

i met my man in algebra he moved from new york and it was love at first site!

Answer #63

i go to school with my boyfriend..we have known each other for 9 years..we have been dating for 7 months

Answer #64

I met my man at McDonalds when I was 16. I was getting something to eat and he was there on his break from work. We talked and later added each other on Facebook and been talking ever since. well going out also. XD

Answer #65

lol is where i met my current bf but is good too

Answer #66

at a track meet at his school

Answer #67


Answer #68

Through my friends at school, we barely knew anything about each other until we got deeper into the relationship.

Answer #69

I was at my brothers friends house waiting for a my crish to call me. While i waz waiting this guy ( current boyfriend now ) came up to me and started talking. I really didnt care about what he was saying. But threw out the month i kept seeing this guy so finally i gave him my num er. After some months of talking we got together. Now we been together for 8 months.

Answer #70

how did that unfold ;) do tell lol

Answer #71


Answer #72


Answer #73

i herd about him from my ex gf (im bi) adn we talked on myspace/facebook all day and talked /txted and called then one day he came over and it was love at first sight <3

Answer #74

i herd about him from my ex gf (im bi) adn we talked on myspace/facebook all day and talked /txted and called then one day he came over and it was love at first sight <3

Answer #75

I met my boyfriend in a geography class.

Answer #76

I met my boyfriend in a geography class.

Answer #77

had his name painted on your wall…??

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