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Budgiie x

I'm going for a job in a hairdressers doing this & that but ii realliee want a budgiie my mum saiid ii cann get it but ii dont know if it will be a wastee of my money :)
aree they goood or do they do nothinng :s
pleaseee help lol xx

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Random Animal Quiz

Whats your favourite animal ?
What animal would you say you are ? why ?
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be ?
What pets do you have ?
What have you called them ?


My dog was never actually fixed.

We took my australian shepard to get fixed two years ago. I recently saw her letting a male mount and became suspious, so my mom took her to the vet for an x-ray. It revealed that she had never been fixed, and was pregnant. My parents are furious. The ...


Mii Dogg

Okay..mii dog is 7yrs old..he is a german shepard..he is in good shape..he doesnt have any problems at all. He always runs around&never gets tired he is like a puppy to me..I was just wondering..I still have lots of years with him right? I love him so ...

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Why do I choose such weird and unique names for my pets?

Cockatiel - GhostFreak
Cat 1 Meong meongi (Korean for Dog usually said by lil kids as they dont know how to say gae (dog))
Cat 2 Kangta (Korean for strong punch as she used to slap meong meongi on the face when we got her home and meong meongi always...


Gerbil breeders?

I've been after a gerbil for a while, but looking on the internet I've been seeing lots of stories about places like pets at home treating the animals there really poorly, so decided to look at the other options and the only thing I can find is gerbilr...


What do I do for my hermit crab he is out of its shell

What do I do for my hermit crab he is out of its shell


What are some ideas on how to ask someone out?

I just need a few good ideas, please


Our Dog might be preganet

How do we know the female dog is preganet?


How big will my puppy get and what do I do about his injury?

Hello, I have a 13 week old cockapoo puppy. (His names Jay)

My first question is: How big will he get? (His mother was a cocker spaniel, and his father was a toy poddle)

My second question is: Well ya see... my little nephew accidentally stepped on...


How do you deal with your animal problems?

I have had a hoard of animals throughout the years, my daughter as well as myself are animal lovers, and so we tried our best to come up with a way of controlling bad behavior without actually hurting the animal. It works, we just took a dollar store ...


How long does it take for an animal to be put up for adoption in the humane society?

I had to give my dogs up to the humane society on wednesday. The lady told me that they had to be spay and neutered and go through a bunch of tests to make sure they were adopted so it would be a while before they were but on the floor. She told me tha...


What does anyone know about dogs pitts?

My dog is a crazy but friendly dog. but she wont stay in the gate. I got my first ticket... what do I do?


Who loves cesar millan?

Who loves cesar millan? I do I think he is amazing!
im going to start dog psychology because of him =D x

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mice or cockaroach

if you had to chose between those two to have in your house which will it be?