Your user name

How did you come up with your user name here on FunAdvice?

Answer #1

Its basically my username for everything…and in my country there is actually a Soca music artist named Denise Belfon who sings a song by the of “ Saucybaby”. I really liked it and hence the name.

Answer #2

I am kindof a fun crazy person and I am panamanian and puerto rican, I combine the two and got panarican and my boyfriend and some friends call me baby all this combined gave me my user name

Answer #3

My company used to do some questionable email marketing. We were kinda’ in the gray area were we weren’t really spammers (everything was opt in) but we still got a lot of complaints. One of my coworkers said that if we were spammers we weren’t as bad as most, we were the fillet of spam. I liked that.

Answer #4

im guessing its because its a FUN website, and people give ADVICE. =]

Answer #5

june is my middle name and 94 is my birthyear and all my previous boyfriends have called me their junebug so I got it as junebug94 yay

Answer #6

When I wanted (and still do) to become a singer…me (myself) singer(speaks for itself)

Answer #7

the “91” is the last two digits of my year of birth, the “j” is a typo, the “chevy87ec” is for “1987 Chevy El Camino, which (laugh ALL that you want to) is my dream vehicle. (one of them anyways…)

Answer #8

hmm… well people say I usually come outta nowhere and im good at sneaking out Lmao so thts the sneaky part and the kayKay prt thts my nick name ;)

Answer #9

hello friend,

you have asked about my username in allof you members know my username is goes for why I have it as my username here in

“pavithra”is my name and so it is the first part of the username,and “18011996”-it is quite a large set of numbers,but it is easy for me to remember as my date of birth is “18”th january (ie)”1” of the year “1996”.

this is how my username was created here in this website,and I am really absurd to see all different usernames here in funadvice,may be this is an oldfashioned username in fun advice.

Answer #10

my cuzinz call me it for reasonz I wont say

Answer #11

It’s been my username for at least 10 years…

Answer #12

one of my friends calls me this, so uhm I guess you’d call it a nickname?

Answer #13

I love to skate, so it was pretty easy for me

Answer #14

It was the first thing I thought of. I think of weird stuff.

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