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I’m 16 and really want to leave Wellington. I don’t yet want to leave New Zealand but I want to go around my country and see everything. I can’t deal with being stuck where I am right now. Any tips on how I can earn the money and get ready to l eave??

Answer #1

New Zealand is very similar to Australia, so the legal age to really get a decent job with all the benefits would be when your 18 years old.

You want to leave Wellington and travel around NZ but remember most accommodations eg: motels, hotel, caravan, hostel etc etc, need you to be over 18 otherwise you are required to have a guidance with you…With regards to jobs, being 16 its going to be very limited, unless your employed at places that are going to rip you off by not paying you the correct wages, not paying you any superannuation or sick leave benefits.

It’s going to be difficult getting around places without money. Have you thought how you are going to get from one town to another? What are you going to eat? Where are you going to sleep for the night? Are you thinking of doing the travelling with a companion or by yourself?

I know you are eager to leave home but maybe wait til your 18 unless your parents or one of your parents can help you out? I left home when I was 15 to live with my older brother because both our parents divorced and remarried other people and even then, we needed our parents to help us out with rent :)… my older brother and I both work and you have bills, car related expenses etc to pay so its not easy.

Hang in there if you can, and wait til your 18 :) Goodluck hun.

Answer #2

Just get a part time job. Work as many hours as you can. Save don’t spend. Create a budget online, look up general pierces of whatever you need + extra just in case. Earn up for that amount.
Plan out where you want to go, how many days there, travel time, where to stay, etc. And your set to go.

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