Best countries for a young female traveler?

I am nineteen and have a huge passion for travel. I went to New Zealand for about three months last year and felt like it was the perfect place for a young female traveling alone. I want to travel to more places without having to feel threatened.
Help… any suggestions.? I’ve heard Greece is very safe…

Answer #1

Go to unusual once in a lifetime places!! Places like France and Spain etc. are more like family holidays! =)

Answer #2

Europe is a good bet: England, France, Germany, Neitherlands are some really nice places to start.

Answer #3

I think Italy too

Answer #4

you should go to france :) <333

Answer #5

My friend went to Greece for 2 months, all on her own. She survived! :D She says they people were VERY friendly and she felt save there. So I would say Go for it:D I also really like Europe. How about you just go to Europe for a couple a months? I used to live in the Netherlands-it’s awesome there. Go to the Netherlands, then to France, to Italy, Germany, Spain. I would totally recommend SPAIN as well! My grandparents live there and I go there atleast once a year!

Answer #6

Go to Japan!

Answer #7

YOU should totally come to Nepal in South Asia.. It’s perfect for foreigners.. relaxing environment.. there is no security problem for anyone here.. Everyone should come to Nepal once in their lifetime to see for themselves the beauty, tranquility and hospitality of the country.. Everyone is Welcome to NEPAL.

Answer #8

It’s going to sound strange, but I highly recommend Turkey. It may also sound sexist to a Westerner, but the Turks tend to view single female travelers as vulnerable and in need of care. As a result, people will go out of their way to take care of you in different ways, be it your hotel staff, restaurant waiters, or perfect strangers off the street. There is obviously the need to be wary of scams and predators, but it is very, very rare in Turkey. If I were a young female, I’d be far more worried about traveling alone in the US than in Turkey. I’m a guy and I’ve traveled alone in Turkey, but I’ve known young females who traveled alone, and they said they actually got better treatment from the Turks alone than when they were with male company.

Turks are extremely hospitable people, the food is incredibly good, and since Turkey is at the crossroads of history, there is no shortage of things to see. As a female, if you travel in Turkey, be sensitive to your clothing. You can dress like a Westerner in Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya…but as you head east, toward the more religious areas, you may want to wear conservative clothing. That being said, the east is just as travel-friendly as the west, and you will be impressed at the generosity and friendliness of the Turks. I highly recommend it.

Answer #9

Go to Spain… I find it cheaper than other european countries. Especially cities in southern Spain like Seville. People are so nice and if you’re into learning history and experiencing culture, just take a walk around town, you’ll experience a lot.

Answer #10

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