Why is it that when i yell at my dog it's almost like she's arguing back ?

It’s a kinda odd question…But when i yell at my dog, like when she’s chewing on something, nipping, or playing with the other dog to rough, she like, argues back…? I’ll yell, she’ll lunge & bark at me. & She stops when i stop, but sometimes she’ll come up & nip at my legs, & then she gets really hyper… This is kinda new, but my dad doesn’t like the barking, & the nipping gets harder everytime. Is there anything i can do…? Thankkks.

Answer #1

She doesn’t respect you, and I can see why. What do you think yelling at your dog is going to accomplish? You aren’t showing your authority like that. You need to be firm without using a high pitch.

Answer #2

No, it’s not like that. It’s like saying no, but loud. Yeah i guess yelling, same thing. She’s usually fine, & the other way we make her stop is by grabbing her by her collar, telling her to sit & saying no, & then she’s fine, that’s what my dad does. But i can’t do that when she’s all hyped up, she’s all over the place. What else am i suppose to do ?

Answer #3

I’m going to repeat what Colleen said. The dog has no respect for you. The reason what your dad does works is because the dog knows the hierarchy in your house, and so she respects your dad. Some training is obviously needed.

Answer #4

Don’t yell at your dog, it will start to pick up negativity from that and she will start to disrespect you until you show her love and respect.

I know that cause I went through that with my last dog.

Answer #5

You’re showing weakness to the dog. They are pack animals and you have to show that you te leader of this particular pack. Take her on a walk and don’t let her have control of where you go and what she gets to sniff. Some people laugh, but watch the dog whisperer. I think he does some very impressive things with dogs and he teaches some basics that will work in most cases. Stand up to your dog. Not violently, but confidentaly.

Answer #6

Noo. You people don’t understand. I can’t explain it. Ughh, forget it. You guys think i’m yelling at her & being all violent, i’m not, she knows i love her cuz i give her 2nd most attention out of everyone in the house, she’s always around me & lays wif me & all that. I just don’t get why it’s like she argues back. & i’m sure just about everyone has yelled at a dog.

Answer #7

isnt it low pitch? cause a study done showed that dogs usually listen to men more because of there low pitched voices…

Answer #8

i understand what you are saying…how old is she, when she does this is it aggressively or more on a playful side? It could be that she thinks your playing & is not listening to your command …try deepening your voice when you scold her….& i do hate to suggest this but have you thought od getting a ‘BARK’ collar. they arent crewel as some would think but is a good tool in helping you to train her not to bark! hope this helps a bit & good luck….keep me posted =o)

Answer #9

You are not listening to what anyone has said. No one is saying you are being violent to your dog. But loving her and giving her tons of attention isnt going to be make her any more obedient. My mother spoils my dog, and guess who he ends up biting? The dog needs to learn who is boss. And right now, you’re not it. And please dont buy a shock collar. It’s nice and all to pretty it up and call it a bark collar. But lets try not to sugar coat what is essentially a collar that electrocutes your dog. Anyone who cant be bothered to properly train their pet shouldnt have one.

Answer #10

Right…hence my comment “without using a high pitch” :P

Answer #11

Ya like Ceaser teaches the owners on the tv show, The Dog Whisperer

Answer #12

no really your wrong….it is such a low volt & if you have a hard to handle dog it does wonders…without being crewel & some dogs are hard to train & yes UNTRAINABLE! but it is a personal choice …&

Answer #13

i do agree that it would be as a very last resort!!

Answer #14

No, it’s not aggesively, it’s playfully, but it’s annoying sometimes & i don’t understand. No one has really answered my question just saying that “she doesn’t respect me.” “don’t yell at her.” Here’s the thing, she’s hard to train. She’s stubborn. She’s just under a year old, she’s still a puppy. I don’t yell at her high pitch, i say NO & she’ll stare at me, come up, sit next to me, & nip, i’ll say no again & push her nose, then she nips more. I keep saying no, she knows what no means, but she doesn’t like to listen always. Why on earth would i buy a shock/choke collar ? I’m not stupid, that’s one of the worst ideas i’ve heard. Theirs plenty of other ways of training her. But that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m not talking about training. I’m just confused, that’s all. Some of you people on here make it seem like im cruel to her. Loving her & giving her attention is bonding. She needs that. Don’t all dogs ? She’s a puppy, & she’s learning, she needs more bonding. She’s no where near spoiled, yes she gets treats every now & then, but she’s not spoiled, she’s just happy. We know how to train her. She’s trained with bunches of other stuff, i just don’t understand why, whyy why whyyyyyyyyyyy she does this. It’s weird to me, none of my other dogs have ever done this to me.

Answer #15

I’m getting frustrated. |:

Answer #16

There are no such things as untrainable pets. Just bad pet owners. And I dont care how low voltage it is, you are shocking your dog. You can make it sound as nice as you want. It doesnt change the fact that you are abusing the dog. As for you being confused. She’s not a person trapped in a human body. I know, we like to think of our pets as little people who cant talk. They’re not little people. Stop trying to understand her behavior from a human point of view. She’s not just a stubborn toddler. If there’s a behavioral issue, it is a TRAINING issue. Yes. All dogs need love and care. That is not what I am talking about. You seem to not understand that this is a dog. Just because you are nice to the dog, does not mean the dog is going to be nice to you. Train the dog to obey when you say no, and she’ll stop misbehaving. And all dogs have different personalities. You’ve got a stubborn one on your hand. It’s fine. It just means that you’re going to have to try a little harder and use more consistent training methods… Here, tips on how to train dogs http://funadvice.com/r/3kkjdrkr34

Answer #17

She is reflecting YOUR energy. It does not help to yell….you need to become her pack leader by being CALM but ASSERTIVE and most important CONSTANT.

Answer #18

Yelling isnt going to do any good. All you are doing is barking at him so she is going to bark back

Answer #19

Someone needs to watch dog whisperer!

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