What body part do you take pride in?

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I would have to say, my hair, mind, face, hands, legs, and, hips maybe.
I try to take pride in my whole body and, people say that I'm cute.

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I hate everything about myself but my teeth becuase I used to wear braces and got them fixed

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I've been told I have pretty eyes but I don't really agree they change colors from blue to green to yellowish

How does my body look in my pictures?
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My mind, face, hands

Does my body look like I've had kids?

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My Eyes and My Stomach. I think I look pretty good considering I just had a child 6 months ago.

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Not really a body part, but the thing about me I'm most proud of is the ability to out wit the common "debate junkie".

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I dont like my body but if I had to say one I would say my back- seen as though I never look at it I can't find flaws with it!

what is the difference between a cuddly, a stocky and a broad body?
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I am proud on everything on me, but mostly on my eyes, neck, mind, and hands (im playing piano)

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my butt is just awesome. :]

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I love every thing on me But I really take pride in my hair, my smile and my eyes lol

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my chest and my eyes and my hair.

How long can you keep body lotions for?
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I like my face and my butt :]

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my hips cas there big and some fit guy said they were nice so lol

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my butt, hair, and smile.

: ]]]

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I take pride in everything.. thats what make you who you r

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okay, tomfratelli- that's kinda wierd. I love my eyes, hair, and skin color.

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my eyes and hair

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my eyes, neck, and legs=]

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