How long does it take to tattoo each individual letter of a word?

I've always wanted a tattoo, and I've convinced my mum to let me get one if I still want it by the time I'm old enough. I was wondering how long each letter would take to do though. I wanna know how long I've gotta sit still for. Make sure I'm certain before getting it done.
If I still want it this time next year, I'm gonna get 'Raining in Baltimore' on my lower back. It's the name of a song and it's a part of me, I just want it to be a physical part of me. I know it'll take ages to have done, but I just wanted a more accurate sense of how long.
Thank you!!

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It depends on the artist, the details on the lettering, how big it is, ect.

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I think you should be tattoo artist.

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I think you should be a tattoo artist.

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Nah I'd rather be a piercer. :p

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Why not do both?

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It probably won't take more than 2 hours depending on the artist. My tattoo took about half an hour but it is also just a small one on my wrist

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Okay, that's not too bad, reckon I could handle just a couple of hours. Thank you! :)

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You should also remember your lower back is one of the more painful places in your body to get tattooed, There is very little meat and lots of nerve endings

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