Is it right that they are now doing pelvic examinations at age 14?

So I read on the planned parenthood thing that physicals now included pelvics, so they got used to it. I think its a good idea ya know? so you can get used to it and not feel all nervous at 21. So is this true?

Answer #1

All I can say is wow. They are r@pist people on doing that to a child. I understand if you have cancer,infection,pregnat,or somethin else but that? come on! If I had a physical and it said that im walking out the door. I wouldnt give a f@ck if I got grounded, i will not let them r@pe and invade my privacy so young. To me, the only man that can break my hymen is my husband. No one else. Call me crazy,or dumb but to me a hymen is something to not be taken lightly. It is wrong that people take virginity like if it was trash, just to be thrown away easily. So to summarize everything and finish this sermon, I think its is wrong.

I dont know if it is true or not so forgive me.

(sorry for my lame comparasions and sucky spelling, i kind of suck on that so sorry) Goodnight everybody!

Answer #2

they wouldnt break your hymen. and im sure your parent or guardian could ask them not to. my pediatrician never does that to me!

Answer #3

am totally wit u on dis u no ma gf is still a virgin.and i i cherish her 4 dat.

Answer #4

Well, let’s see … you can develop cervical cancer at age 14, whether or not you’re sexually active. It has nothing to do with “getting used to it” … it has everything to do with catching a problem early on so it can be treated quickly. Actually, I had a cousin die from it because they didn’t examine her soon enough. The doctors who do the exam are licensed professionals - not “r@pists”. To even think of making a comment like that shows immaturity and lack of common sense. Obviously the exam is optional, but if your “privacy” is more important than your life … so be it.

Answer #5

Just because your hymen is broken, doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin. This has nothing to do with losing your virginity, and calling them a r@pist is a little extreme. Well, really extreme.

Answer #6

Physicals include whatever is necessary to find signs of any disease you are in danger of contracting. Some things they are do are uncomfortable and for many people embarrassing. I have a feeling you took a comment out of context or misunderstood what you read. Doctors do tests that are necessary for your health, not to get patients used to them.

Answer #7

Your statement is extremely ignorant. Doctors are trained professionals. Anyone at any age can get cervical cancer as it is caused by a certain type of bacteria. Young girls can also get it as well. Calling someone who wants to help a rapist is extremist.

Answer #8

do u tink there maybe future complications

Answer #9

How on eart does a pelvic examination take away your virginity?

Answer #10

A Pelvic examination wouldnt take away her virginity.

Answer #11

No and if there is I can handle it myself as can your girlfriend because frankly its none of your business…

Answer #12

You cant lose your virginity to a pelvic examination just like you cant lose your virginity to a tampon….

Answer #13

and maybe you should cherish her for who she is instead of a silly concept like virginity… it has nothing to do with her character.

Answer #14

i no i luv ma gf,alot.

Answer #15

Well excuse me for valuing(sorry cant spell please dont hate me for that) my private parts, and excuse me for not thinking like you people. So just because I dont get one means Im going to drop dead or am i going to be cursed for not having one? seriously, that is ridiculous. What happened to the world? So having a 50 year old man search your v@gina is something normal? wow. Dont get me wrong, If you are pregnat or have an infection, you HAVE to get checked out. And who was the idiot that invented this exam,may he get struck by lighting(not literally ok,im not that bloodthirsty) I just think that having your parts checked out by a complete stranger is wrong. So dont hate me or try to change me because its MY belief and I strongly believe in that.

And for the awenser, SOME middle schools do that,idk why but they do that so there you go sister :)

Answer #16

“And who was the idiot that invented this exam,may he get struck by lighting”

Gods forbid someone try to help people and come up with an examination that does so. Just because you don’t approve of it doesn’t mean it’s wrong in any way. These doctors aren’t looking at your v@gina for sexual stimulation, they have to see them all the time, and I’m sure they’d rather be spared the site of some of them. Not all doctors are 50 year old pedoph!les. I think it would be hard to make it through med school if you were.

Answer #17

Its not wrong, its saved a lot of lives. wishing someone dead for it, however, is wrong. and a lot of infections cant be even be see. unless you have an examination first. and your doctor doesnt hace to be a 50 year old man… thays completely irrational. you can get a female doctor if you cant handle a male one. no biggie.

Answer #18

sorry for all the typos im on my phone haha.

Answer #19

Woah the reply was fast. Anyways Im not really into medical stuff so i wouldnt go in there the first place(however i do know how to tie a tourniquet) and like I said, its just my opinion so if you dont like it, well idk frankly. Dont expect some smart awensers from me, after all i did fail the taks test 3 years in a row and fail almost everythime i get a quiz so im like super stupid.

Answer #20

I never expected an awenser like this,just rants but no clear awensers. so please stop arguing and awenser my question,is it true or not!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #21

Where I come from (Finland) they do not recommend pelvic exams for women under 30 because young women throw cellular changes so it could lead to false biopsies. BUT pap smears are recommended every 3 years. You can’t get the pill without the exam and that is only in America. I should know because my dermatologist recommended the pill for my acne. The gyno was percistent so I just brought over the counter acne treatment(wipes,creams, it did get rid of the painflly large pimples so I’m almost clear!) Colleen is right you can get CC(cervical cancer) at 14 but that is rare. And Articwolf, wishing for someone to die is not right but just in some points I agree with you. And if you dont want an exam, have you considered not getting one? unless you have bad pain,unusual discharge,or you are older than you are now,you should be fine. I am 14 and have never had a physical that said I hadto do the exam so I cannot tell you exactly(not that I’m allowing one be done at this age)I currently live in texas and not one of the people I know have gotten physical like that. And virgnity is something that does matter because it is something really important but I am not going to waste my time explaining a concept most of people here do not value. Peace out and no more attacking each other please :) P.s I think the man that inveted the speculum is already dead but I am no completely sure

Answer #22

Wow. 5 people as exactly ignorant and idiotic as you, how wonderful. Sigh.

Answer #23

I have to point out that when you ask if it is ‘right’, there are several ways to interpret it. One way is whether the person thinks that in their opinion is it ok for doctors to perform these exams. You apparently meant, is it ‘correct’ that this is what planned parenthood is doing. If you don’t want confusion, word the question less ambiguously next time. As to the answer, just call planned parenthood. It’s not difficult. Also, you have a right to refuse an exam.

Answer #24

Yes, because all gynecologists are 50 year old men. We’ll let all the women know that their degrees don’t count (or lemme guess, they’re just lesbians?) Doctors have seen it all. You don’t blame surgeons for doing their jobs (and yeah, you’re generally not wearing clothes during surgeries). Doctors came up with this stuff. It’s not their fault you’re beyond ignorant.

Answer #25

I’m japanese but born in finland so dont say how am I finnish and japanese. I’ll tell you the whole story if you want just funmail me or send me an update. Also I dont have anything against the exam, the only thing that I hope for is that medicine will advance and there will be other ways to detect cancer or maybe even eliminate it completely!

Answer #26

Well my original question was what wtf pelvic exams at 14 but funadvice reworded it so yeah

Answer #27

Stop calling her an idiot, its her belief so if you dont like it gtfo and dont awenser the question,if you insult her you insult me

Answer #28

your naked during surgery? i didnt now dat

Answer #29

If they do not break your hymen, how do they get inside? I have always wondered that

Answer #30

The hymen only partially covers the entrance. They can get inside without having to break it. Same reason why you still have your period even if you’re a virgin. If the hymen totally covers the hole, then the period wouldn’t wouldn’t have gotten out, right?

Answer #31

Have you women done research before submitting to this exams? From what I read in a book(I don’t remember the name) this “well woman exams” do more damage than good. If God/nature gave women v@ginas just so they could eventually fall ill from them whoever created us would have not gave us v@ginas. We have been brainwashed to believe that if you don’t have a pap smear every year you will drop dead. In some countries women do not even have these kinds of exams because it causes more damage than good. Yes, sometimes these exams do help locate tumors or cysts but frecently the exams are not accurate. In 2003 a bloodtest was introduced in the united states but since pap screening made more money, the option was not given to women. And did you know some women get pelvic exams while they are anesthesided?(sorry can not spell that)even if whatever type of surgery does not require a pelvic? Please women educate yourselves and do not submit to these exams unless you feel you need one, and if so, get a midwife or someone that has a similar career to that. The pap test scars the cervix, and what did your mother tell you when you got scraped in the knee? Do not do it again or it will get worse. These kinds of exams scar/and make you bleed. Mammograms increase cancer possibilities because of the radiation and it is not even recommended until you are 30. Some women over seas do not get this procedures done and they lead healthier lifestyles than women in the west. I know I will not get these barbaric exams done and will not hesitate to use my wushu moves on anyone that tries to force me. These exams are degrading and most women do not even benefit from them. I know my sister who got pregnat at 17 never had this exam done neither in her pregnacy or when she had sexual intercouse and had a homebirth that brought a beautiful baby girl to this world,and is happily married. So please women, educate yourselves instead of just going with what your doctor tells you to do,do some research. These exams require money and if you submit yourself to these kinds of stuff, your gynocologist gets his/her paycheck from.

Answer #32

Please you all look pathetic bashing a 14 year old girl. You should know better. Grow up and attack someone that is close to your age.

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