What is wrong with me wanting to be a housewife?

Oh peer preassure..

Answer #1

Absolutely nothings wrong with that.

Answer #2

Absolutely nothing - but ummmm shouldnt you had discussed this with your partner before you made this decission - assuming you had not? - However, if you and your partner agreed to this - go for it. I was a stay at home dad for 3 yrs and once I graduated - thank God my ex took over lolololol

Answer #3

haha nothing at all. I would love to be a house wife. Stay home and raise my kids. Please my man. Not have to worry about working. heck yea. Some girls find that bad but i think you should do what makes you happy. You could always get a part time weekend job if you get bored. or go out with friends. You can still have a life outside of the house

Answer #4

Nothing is wrong with that at all as long asit’s what you want and your own descision. Some women might find it anti-feminist or something, but it’s not if it’s something you choose. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay home to care for your children rather than letting someone else. There are men out there even who’d love to be home caring for the kids rather than out everyday working. Nothing wrong with that.

Answer #5

:O I have no partner… I’m 15! Lol but like piston Annies angel said, I am going to be a writer but I’m not going to an office or anything. I can help with the house’s income and stay home doing something I like! I chose to do this because I don’t wanna leave my kids and ignore them. And I’m going to study because my grandpa said that women have to study twice as hard because if you get a good for nothing husband than at least you know how to do something!

Answer #6

My mom chose to do this. She quit her work to take care of me and my sister. She wanted to be the one caring for us, not a nanny or someone other. Anyways, if you decide you wishto work again, you can always go back to work in a few years nothing wrong with that.

Answer #7

You should plan to do things on your own first, if you find a guy who can provide for the family on his income alone and be willing to do deal with someone who just wants to sit at home and spend money, then go ahead. But think about this, what do you have if they get tired of that crap and want someone who is going to contribute as well? You will be alone with 2 kids, and your only chance at getting a job with no work experience is at mcdonalds or worse. Food stamps dont buy diapers. Go to college and get a real skill.

Answer #8

Err I dont want to ignore my kids and I am going to collage to be a writer. I don’t plan to do nothing ya know, and housekeeping(whatever it’s called -_-) is a skill because at the end of the day you are tired as hell, but satisfied or that’s what my mom said. But I get what your saying so no worries

Answer #9

I would love to be a house wife, unfortunatly, I don’t know if that will happen. If you can, then do it, if your husband isn’t against it, enjoy it :)

Answer #10

well good luck

Answer #11

My mom was a stay at home wife and loved it :)

Answer #12

I’ll probably need it. Thanks anyways

Answer #13

I don’t see anything wrong with being a house-wife. Only thing is, I’m sure your husband at the time would need a little help with the income.

Answer #14

My soon to be wife wants to be a house wife once we have kids, which if I have my way won’t be for another 3-4yrs. But it annoys me that she shows no ambition towards working or investments other than minimum wage fast food jobs up to that point. Reason I want to wait 3-4yrs for the kids is at that point my boss is going to retire and sell me his half of a 3 store company. At that point I should be able to support us and kids w/o her working. But until then it would be nice if she showed ambition towards a better job. Most months she has trouble pay the part of the bills she agreed to pay.

Answer #15

I would also love to be a house wife, due to most people these days don’t get to spend enough time with their children or are brought up wrong in the care of daycare people or other institutions (as I have worked in some, and just some things aren’t right) I wanna be there to see and capture things my kids do and not have other people experience from my kids. I want to raise them with the values and morals of mine and want them to know their loved. Some kids that were at the daycares were there from 6am to 6pm at night!!!!!!! & then would go to bed at 8pm…. They never spent time with their parents and the daycare was very structured so it was like no laying your head on table and ect… I felt so bad for some kids.

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