Is there anything wrong with having a "midnight snack"?

Answer #1

It is ill-advised since you’ll be digesting your food overnight, and since all your systems slow down overnight it means your food will be digested really slowly, absorbing more of the nutrients, but more of the bad crap too. And since you’ll be asleep you won’t be burning off the calories. It’s a weight problem really. I’ve heard of psychological effects too but they’re minimal and unlikely to be linked anyway. I don’t eat after 9 o’clock as a rule.

Answer #2

Apparently, it can lead to excess weight gain:

Answer #3

Depends on your body’s metabolism. If you can get fat easily, better avoid it, if not then go a head !!! LOL Better snacking then letting you starved.

Answer #4

no there is nothing wrong with having a midnight snack it does not make you “fatter” just be sure to eat something healthy because the problem with midnight snacking is that people late at night would rather go for all the “junk food” which of course makes you “fatter” and every ones knows that junk food is unhealthy soo yeahh just go for somehing healthy at night and you’ll be good :)

Answer #5

Only if the “snack” remains a small snack…A handful of m&m’s isn’t going to kill you…Though since your probably going to bed soon after that you may have a chance of gaining weight since your going to go to sleep not burning off the calories. Besides that though there is nothing wrong with it…..Hope I Helped!

Answer #6

I agree…

Answer #7

Ok thanks everyone I was just asking cuz I guess I’ve been eating “differently” cuz after 11 I’ve been getting really hungry and I have no idea why(I eat a full meal fr breakfast,lunch,dinner,nd snacks in between).

Answer #8

i can’t be hungry when trying to go to sleep so i always eat like something really small like grapes or a small orange but you can gain weight if you have a fast metabolism its okay i guess

Answer #9

I think everyone gets peckish. It might sound bad but if you don’t always satiate your hunger then it actually goes away. So try and allow your hunger for as long as you can and maybe resist snacking, then your body will learn to feed at meal times and not graze all day. If you feel hungry have a handful of nuts or something, or an orange. Wait about twenty minutes, if you’re still hungry then eat something else. And make sure you definitely know it’s hunger, it might be thirst or something instead. I hope my verbal crap will help in some way.. :)

Answer #10

Forgot to mention that my idea of a midnight snack(my snacks in general) is a granola bar nd a glass of water/milk

Answer #11

Apparently dairy gives you nightmares. Js. :)

Answer #12

Not unless you’re a grimlin.

Answer #13

That movie scared the shiit out of me. aha

Answer #14

forget midnight snack, im about to grab another dinner haha

Answer #15

I do it all the time and I’m a tooth pick but that’s just me. Personally, I love food and eat whenever I want. Usually unhealthy stuff too… but if you’re trying to loose weight or something I wouldn’t.

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