What is wrong with genetically modified foods?

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Many people are scared of them because of historical propaganda as well as, simply, the thought of cloned or modified organisms.

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the problem is no one knows the long term effects of it on the human body world or anything else. other than waiting and seeing no one will ever know if it's good or bad. so people would rather perceive it as negative and continue as the world has for the past 4 billion years than say it's ok and find out in 100 years that eating genetically modified chicken causes anything from every one is bald to every one has a third nipple or even some freakish new disease.

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My personal pinion is that Genetically Modified Foods are not as healthy as the natural growed food is .
Plus the taste is not the same and you never know what can happen to you if you eat such food because you don't know what is inside .

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So you can tell, when you buy food at the store, which ones were GMO and which weren't? Dang, you have some superhuman tastebuds or something.

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no non altered food tasted different

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no non altered food tasted different

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For me personally, I just think we dont know as much as nature. Organisms are hugely complex, and messing around with the genetics of food may have unexpected consequences. Studies I have read have talked about tissue hypotrophy and weakened immune systems in rats feed on a GM diet. Many GM crops are resistant to bugs as they produce toxins, and this could be potentially harmful both for people and for ecosystems. GM food is not exactly my area of expertise, but I think it could be a lot of risk for something which isnt necessary. Im not anti GM in general, I work in a lab where we deal with genetically modified animals frequently.

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