Writing a story- please help!

Ok I am having a writers block, and I can’t seem to figure out how to write it. There are three main characters: Ally, Vicky, and Sal. And they are all best friends. Then somehow they all go and meet their true loves named William, Thomas, and Gustav, who are from a band. Ally-William, Vicky-Gustav, Sal-Thomas…

Can anybody help me out, because I’m so stressed out because I can’t think of anything… =’[

Answer #1

well, make the time they meet definitely at one of their shows.no girl in her right mind, can say no to a cute guy who just got down ripping his heart out on stage.

but definitely add a problem to the story, like the band gets signed and has to go to europe to do shows, or the girls get some big opportunity of there own.

ha, something like that.

Answer #2

If the band is still trying to make it big and still struggling, that creates a lot of conflict. They’re stressed out, pissed off at the world, and trying to suck up to everyone who will listen to them. This would really alienate their girlfriends. Once they make it big, they want to live the high life. Fame changes people, a lot of times guys have to hide their relationship status in order to be more popular with female fans. Again, lots of conflict there. Or maybe the girls are tempted by the crazy life they’re exposed to if they go with their guys on tour. Lots of drinking, drugs, and partying with strangers every night. Believe me, there is a lot of conflict in the music world and conflict always makes a story interesting. :) Good luck!

Answer #3

hmm first thing that came to mind was that 3 people wanted to play at at the house of blues (huge performance stage). when they got there thir first challenge was to pair up in three’s and form a band. everyone paired up and one rapper, one scremo, one pop, were the only people left to have to form a band. they all wanted it really badly. so they formed a band. explain conflicts, funny pranks along the way, ect…then they ended up being the winner of the final performance

Answer #4

maybe one of them wins 3 radio tickets to see the band, and they’re backstage passes. they get to meet the band, and get invited to an afterparty. true love strikes there…or something like that. maybe they’re on an airline, and the band’s 1st class seats got overbooked, so they have to sit in coach next to the 3 girls. it’s a long flight and even though they’re stuck up at first, they fall hopelessly in love by the end of it. maybe there’s some trial they have to overcome together. that usually helps move a love story along. something like that, maybe?

Answer #5

R you going to have some drama in it? A fight, an argument where someone loses a best friend or someone loses their boyfriend/girlfriend?

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