What do you have that is worth holding on to in your life?

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I have friends and family but Im not close super close to em, my closest friends don't know half my problems, the way I see it everything and everyone comes and goes

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My boyfriend, well at least i though he was worth holding onto but i don't know anymore. Other than that i could care less if things come and go from my life.

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First my kids.
Then my reputation for trying to be fair and honest.

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My family and my boyfriend. I'm not really close to my family either, except for my sister. The two people I'm closest to is my sister and boyfriend. Everything else in my life, can go, everything else and everyone else has let me down too many times for me to care anymore.

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I know what that's like

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nope nothing.. i have like 3 friends who don't even love me that much and i'm not even close to my family in anyway.. beside my mum, i don't see any reason to hold onto life lol

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good question.

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My boyfriend and mom<3 annnd my violin(:

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Definitely my mom, she does everything in the world for me and supports all my dreams. There's so much in life I would have never had the chance to do without her always being there for me. She's my inspiration for almost everything and I know at the end of the day she is the one person who is always going to love me, even if I make mistakes. Other than my mom I would have to say my grandparents and my siblings, all of which are always there to cheer me up.

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my family, my parents, my dog,, some of my friens , my skills and education that ive learned so far it'd suck if i lost that, my songs on itunes wouldn't wanna lose that too, Oh! my tv just bought that wtih a little help from my parents surely don't wanna lose that one. i'd be really mad and sad if some one stole it. my list can go on forever.

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The first thing that holds me onto this sad and destroing world is God..Then my family my best friend whos like sister to me and another friend of mine whos very very very important for me..without my God and those people i would be nothing.....

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God, my wife, carreer, home, and my word.

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Well, Euan, lol. That's it really.

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My good friends, my family, my g/f, my house, my job, umm just about everything is worth holding onto IMO. Some more than others tho.

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because I want to achieve my goals .. I want to spend my whole life with my boyfriend =P

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all in all i feel your health would be high on the list because without your health you can lose everything.

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