Is life really worth living?

my parents are always yelling at me, and I fell unimportant and unloved. what shud I do? shud I run away? help please, life really sux!

Answer #1

Running away doesn’t solve anything and trust me, it really sucks to be stuck on the street alone, cold, hungry and with people that are really screwed up. It’s hard to understand your parents well imagine how hard they find to understand you too. If they yell a lot it’s because they are under a lot of stress (work, debts, etc) and they probably don’t know what else to do to get you to listen to them. I imagine you yell back too so then it just becomes a yelling competition. Both you and your parents need to just talk calmly about things. I bet if you told them that you felt unloved and unimportant, they would tell you how much they care and try to explain stuff to you. It’s easy to say they don’t care but it takes a lot more courage to actually talk to them and try to understand each other. This is just one little step in your whole entire life, sometimes life sucks but not for long and poeple care, that’s why we are here.

Answer #2

Please listen to me, because what I have to tell you is really important. Yes, life is worth living. It is a gift from God. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the people He wants to save (that can be you!). If you become a Christian, God will love you unconditionally, even if no one else ever does. He has a purpose for everything. If you believe what the Bible says is true (If you believe it for yourself) God will adopt you, freely, unconditionally, and love you FOREVER. You will never be alone again. You can pray whenever you want. God is always there. I hope this helps.

Answer #3

I think you should think about what makes everything bad, and talk to people who can solve it.

I don’t want to try to belittle the situation, but, think about the soldiers over in Iraq, in the 100 degree heat, being shot at and blown up everyday. Now that’s bad.

I understand that things may be very bad, but they could sooo much worse. Just try to solve the problems, and everything should be good.

Life is definatly worth living. Imagine all of the things you will get to experience later in life! So, please, think about all of the great things you have, and try to solve the bad. Good luck!

Answer #4

amblessed is right, life is tough i realized life is gonna be hard once your older i might only be 15 but my parents are trying sure there strict and stuff but i know soon they will get over it…try talking to them and if things get way worse…you can go through emancipation

good luck ~dez

Answer #5

amblessed is right, but if you still feel that you are having trouble handling your feelings, try talking to a trusted adult relative (an aunt or married sister perhaps), or your priest/pastor, or a school teacher or counselor. At 13, it often seems that everything sucks.

Answer #6

Ha, sorry, but you think your life sucks? Im in the military, and one of the guys that works for me just destroyed a multi-million dollor missile, and im getting blamed for it. ON TOP OF THAT, im out in the middle of the ocean, and my fiance, and best friend are having sex, and sending me pics, and telling me that im being a punk for getting mad, but there is nothing I can do, because they are at my house, doing whatever, with all my stuff, like my 40 inch flat screen tv, and just all sorts of stuff, AND my atm card…I remember when I used to think the same way, believe me when I tell you, things can get worse…have you ever had to write a message to the secretary of defence?

Answer #7

i am just as curious as you are, but if you were even slightly considering committing suicide, think about all of the people who would miss you if you were gone.. and don’t tell me that there is no one, because that is never true. i was thinking about it once, but i decided that there are more things in life that i could be doing. msg me if you have any more questions hope it helped =]

Answer #8

If life was a test we’d have been given instructions… life happens to be what you make it part of the time… we have choices… part of life is up to us… life is not easy, but no one said it would be… as a child we think we are being hard done by but i can tell you that when you become an adult, working, paying bills, raising children, then you look back and realise that things weren’t as bad as you thought they were… speak to someone, talk it through… find some way of working through your feelings… but don’t do it on your own.

good luck nicola

Answer #9

Dear broadwaystar101, first of all you need to get rid of the drama. Life is a job and the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Attitude is everything. People yell because they think you don’t hear them. You need to let them know you do. If they say clean up your room and you don’t then they yell because they think you didn’t hear them. If they say be in by 11 and you don’t they yell because you didn’t hear them. You have a lot of control over your life and if you choose to not listen you will be yelled at. Running away…where? Living on the street so you can be molested, starve, stolen from? That isn’t an option. If you think things are so bad at home talk with the school counsellor. Sue…good luck

Answer #10

thanks but by the way, im not so concerned about trust and maturity. Life sux and no one cares

Answer #11

u have one life. ENJOY IT!

Answer #12

i think my rents classify as the ‘many, many, many’ that dont care

Answer #13

If you think your life sucks, your mentally screwed. there are people out there living lifes FAR worse then you could ever imagine.

Just be greatful you have parents, and have shelter! xx

Answer #14

Growing up is very difficult—for both you and your parents. They remember a little bundle of joy that they held and nurtured as a baby and now they see a budding adult. These days, children face things and know about things that their parents would never have imagined at the same age. The teenagers of today look older, act older and want to be older than their counterparts did just 20 years ago. It is the desire of all parents for their children grow up in the way that they should go (loving, caring, respectful, and being of good solid character). It is necessary that you truly understand that your parents have your best interests at heart. They will withhold privileges, set limits, and raise you to the best of their ability (neither they nor you are perfect), but be Thankful - They Care - many, many, many don’t. Ask them for guidance and seek to understand what truly motivates their decisions. One of the best ways to prove your maturity and prove that you are ready for more trust is to be respectful of your parent’s wishes and accept their guidance. Learn how to communicate love, honor, and respect to each other.

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