Have you ever taken drugs?

so..have you ever taken drugs? feel free to go into detail or whatnot.. or just a simple Yes or No, don’t really care (MARAJUANA NOT INCLUDED!)

Answer #1

Only pot like once every few months. I almost took E but my old bestfriend make me promise her that I wouldn’t take it because she had experienced with it in the past and started doing it all of the time so I kept my promise to her.

Answer #2

I did magic mushrooms once when I was 15… now im just a regular weed smoker…I dont like pills and I dont like coke or heroin…

I find weed ok but the rest can cause major damage… I also like LSD but I take it like once every few months…

Answer #3

I smoked pot. I started smoking pot when I was 12 and smoked it until I was 20. I never tried any other recreational drugs, at least not intentionally. Once when I was 18 the pot I smoked was laced with angel dust (PCP). This was a very bad trip for me. I was still high after 3 days. The guy who I smoked it with told me the quickest way to come down from PCP was to smoke some more pot and when I came down from the pot I’d also come down from the angel dust. After we smoked I realized that this pot also was laced with angel dust. I did eventually come down but following the experience I had a tremor for over a year.

Answer #4

I use to be heavy on coke, but then I realised I was geting addicted 2 it, so I stoped myself from having it an cut myself off from friends who did it, I do coke once in a blue moon now, but its only 4 the buzz I’ve got 2 much 2 lose now so I cudnt afford 2 b heavy on it again, I have a loving fiance who doesnt do drugs and he doesnt agree wiv it but has 2 accept it as I did it before I got wid him, also im in college and have nearly finished my degree so its not worth it! x

Answer #5

Never said it on this site before, but yes. Throughout high school I did pretty much every drug possible, while managing to keep Straight As and get into a good college. After my Freshman year of undergrad, my grades started to slip and I almost lost my scholarship. I stopped everything to focus on school, and I’m glad I did. 5 years and 2 degrees later, I couldn’t be more glad that I stopped.

Answer #6

nO never did and never will I’m happy with who I am I know right from wrong kuz my mum taught me better then that:)

Answer #7

Mainly just weed every once in a while. I have done shrooms, and lsd when I was about 16-17

Answer #8

I did. I lost everything I owned, my self respect, my sanity, and my clean record.

Answer #9

I’ve takin painillers? oh and drank (if that counts) the two are verry much alike

but nothing else

Answer #10

Umm I do: weed, coke, lsd, extasy and alcohol.

Answer #11

nope,only weed. my friends have expiramented a lot though.

Answer #12

weed cigs painkillers drinking robo

Answer #13

Nope, never done anything and I’m glad. :)

Answer #14

nope, only done weed.

Answer #15

ill try anything once

but weed is the best

Answer #16

No way, I’m Straightedge nugz. [: and im so glad.

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