Worst place to get tattoos

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I'd personally say the worst place to have a tattoo is on the middle of your forehead.
but hey to each his own =]

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worse place to get a tattoo wud be in yhur eye! gross I was readin about it da other day, why wud yhu want to modify yhur body that much!

Painful place for a tattoo

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the worst..as in most painful? the most painful places are the top of the foot, back of the neck, and pretty much anywhere where the tattoo would be on a place lacking in fat or muscle. tattooing on top of bones hurts, like your ankle bone, rib cage, ect

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Actaully - at our shop the tattoo that most people had the most trouble with was on the Ribs.

Weres a good place 2 get a tattoo in ca?

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The worst place to get a tattoo would be your church's bathroom. They never clean that thing, and the screams would be difficult to explain.

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
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my shoulder blade hurt more than my ankle..it hurt lots lol..but I would say worse would be lip tattoo's..like ouch they would hurt heaps! O_o

Places for small tattoos

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your neck? or the bottom of your foot ouch :(

Where is the worst place to get a tattoo?
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Tattoos, possibilty of Hep C.

The second best place to get a tattoo

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It depends on the person.

Better place for a tattoo: lower back or hips?
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Aries, if your answer was helpful, we will rate it by our selfs, I wont do it if you tell me so, thats called forceing...

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