The second best place to get a tattoo

What's the best place to get a tattoo that won't hurt so bad besides your upper arm?

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now, dont take this the wrong way...

but your butt is probably the best place to get a tattoo that wont hurt

seriously, its got more cushioning than the rest of your body (for most people), and can take more pain. plus you're used to putting pressure on it every day

just dont sit down on it for a couple days after doing so

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Yeah, indside of your wrist,

or behind your ear.

but the top of the wristhurts, kina a lot.

but it goes away.

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If your concern is pain I asked the guy at the tattoo place. He said behind your ear, your neck, or the top of your back. He said it feels like a massage.

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I got one on the inside of my wrist too and it didnt hurt much except in the middle... but its hard to cover up when you need to and everybody's pain is diff...

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im getting one on the inside of my wrist.

I wanted a star on my foot, but then everyone got one haha

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I have one on my shoulder blade. I like the placement because it is easy to show off or cover up.

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