How do the World of Warcraft game cards work?

Answer #1

“prepaid 2 months card with cool 14 numbers that costs 35 bucks” u buy it and put the numbers in what happens?!? BAM 2 MONTHS ! got it or not yet?

Answer #2

I believe they are prepaid game cards (for membership/subscription) that you buy at the store…then go on World of Warcraft and enter the pin number that is on the back (I believe you have to scratch it off with a coin or something), which gives you however many months worth of membership you paid for. The cards will only work if they have been activated. When you pay for them at the store, that is when they are activated.

Answer #3

You buy it. You play it. You get addicted. You run outta money. >.>

Answer #4

i have no place to insert the pin tho, like on the WoW site

Answer #5

cept i cant put the numbers in.

Answer #6

aaah i see…so ur one of those girls…i didnt expect to see one of YOU here….well i’ll tell u, u have to login first….then u add game time, anything else?

Answer #7

-_-. Im everywhere. i did login. i even followed the instructions on the box the card came in. it says i have to go to billing method. then click prepaid game card, only there is no billing payment whatever method thign for me to click.

Answer #8

omg…ur worse than i thought…u go [link removed] … then u login…u have “Account” far top right corner near the Logout stuff etc >>> u click one of the accounts u’ll have like yours and some others if u made trials before then u click add game code time..u made me login wow site..u better make it up sometime in the future

Answer #9

ya know whats rly great…? I CNT FIND THE DAMN CARD NOW >.>

Answer #10

if u dont start finding stuff faster…ur gonna end up losing ur virginity

Answer #11

since when has that been a bad thing? lol

Answer #12

and unless yu wanna come help me find this stupid thing i dont see myself punching in the pin anytime soon.

Answer #13

okay yea, whatever yu sed. yea didnt work

Answer #14

where is this manage game link thing they are talking about? its basically sending me in circles.

Answer #15

i was out

Answer #16

u found it or not yet?

Answer #17

i have the card. i even made a new account nd pick prepaid game card for my billing payment thing nd it STILL didnt work.

Answer #18

OMG UR IMPOSSIBLE …if ur that slow just funmail me ur msn and i’ll instant message cant bother this long thing, i’ll add u if u promise to stop talking once we’re done

Answer #19

OMG that was slightly rude. but ill have to take yu up on that offer cuz I WANNA PLAY THIS DAMN THING -.-

Answer #20

once you have the card go to and create a account (if you don’t have one) from your accout home page find the tab “Games & Codes” and under that tab there should be a page called item redemption and on that page you can redem the game card.. the game card allows you to play pre-paid for 60 days

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