What in the world? animal cruelty or not? i imagine they did it under anesthesia.

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People are idiots.. that's not even cute.. Poor kitty. :(

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Well, no doubt they did it under anesthesia, ever try to give a cat a pill?? I highly doubt a cat would go for getting a tatoo.

Since it was undoubtedly done while the cat was asleep, I don't see it as cruelty (tatoos are pretty painless afterwards)....just looks like a colossial waste of money to me.


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Why is that even legal? Wait.....Is it legal?

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i would call it animal cruelty, even if the animal didnt feel any pain. a cat does not need a tattoo, its just as stupid as putting it asleep to give it a piercing or soemthing. a cat is not an accessory, its an animal

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It doesn't fit the definition of cruelty...it isn't an atrocity, a brutality..doesn't cause grievous bodily harm or mental suffering....it is simply "uneccessary".

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Is that real? I don't think it's real. The noise of a tattoo gun would wake a sleeping cat. No animal would let anybody near them with a buzzing needle..

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I read a few articles about cat tattooing...it takes three hours and the cat in "under" the entire time.
There is an expression "more money than brains".
I think that applies here.
Phrannie is correct unless it resulted in the death or suffering of the cat, then it is not cruelty.
We are horrible, aren't we.

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Perhaps it's a ritualistic thing. I don't find it necessary by any means, but I can't judge the cultural practices of others. Some people would find declawing animals just as bad, or even shaving them so they can prance around in cute outfits and fit nicely in purses. I don't know. I like to be optimistic in the sense that it is a cultural thing.It's just far from being my culture :)

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ugly is "in".

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this picture isn't real lol! have you heard of Picture Editing ?

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I hope to whatever deity is there to listen that this is photoshop. If not then I'll have lost what little faith I had in humanity.

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