Cry nearly every night for all the poor animals in the world

Is it normal for me to cry nearlly every night for all the poor animals in the world. I cry because there are soo many animals in the world being hurt!! Why can people be sooo cruel!? They take a dog out for walk and the dog is soo excited because it loves walks and then the owner ties there lead to a fence and walks off. The dog could be there for days. The poor thing will be starving, lonely, cold. I really want to do something and I will probably work at the r.s.p.c.a. In the meantime, what can I do?

Answer #1

it’s not really normal to cry everynight, full stop. I understand that the animals being cruely treated is horrific, if you would like to do something, then go to your local dog shelter and offer to walk some dogs for them, or offer to go look after some animals at the RSPCA.

people are cruel to other people as well as animals, I’m not excusing it, is a fact of life (be nice if it wern’t) but thats the way it is. there are many elderly people abused by their carers, 3 children A WEEK die at the hands of their own parents, so yes, there are other things, more disgusting too…

I would be worried, if you were my child, that your sumpathy for the animals was a cry for something else…it’s not normal to cry everynight for any reason (other than the loss of a loved one) but even then, after some time, you would expect improvement.

I would stop exposing yourself to images of cruelty and abuse, I know it doesn’t stop it happening, but unless you are going to actually do something, then you will just drive yourself mad.

donate some money every month to a charity, like WSPCA or RSPCA, it may make you feel a little better? but you can’t do much at the moment, and you won’t change the world by upsetting yourself. I saw a video of bears being cruelly treated and I cried, I don’t agree with how they’re treated, but I can’t do much from here…realistically…

I would suggest you start looking into the good that these charitys and organisations do, it’ll make you realised that ther eare some people out there, who do care.

stop eating meat if you feel for animals so much, I did (I found being a vegan a lot easier to live with)…there are things that can be done, just accept that not everyone will share your understanding…

Answer #2

Well…then go to your local shelter and volunteer. Nobody can do EVERYTHING, but anybody can do SOMETHING…Truly, I believe to my toes, that if you get out there and “help” by doing your small part, you’ll be relieved of some of your sadness…


Answer #3

how dare you emily98!

Answer #4

yea I cry a lot too

Answer #5

I agree that it’s sad. you just have to accept the fact that you cant help every single animal, but try to help as much as possible. Volunteer at an animal shelter. become a vegetarian. A little help goes a long way. But dont be a person who feels bad for animals and doesnt do anything, that wont help.

good luck=]

Answer #6

I am fairly confident, that most people that go ahead with terminating a pregnancy are not doing it because the baby is inconvinient…I know a few girls at uni who got pregnant, but they didn’t have a termination becuase the baby didn’t ‘suit them’ they did it becuase the wouldn’t be able to provide for them, and they didn’t want to raise their kids in council estates living on benefits.,…

but hey, guess it’s better to wait until there older and then be one of the three children a week that get killed by their parents becuase the parents couldn’t cope or had a mental health problem…yup, sounds better to me - NOT!

(sorry had to reply to such a judgemental comment as above)

Answer #7

Technically, it’s not normal to cry every night just try to chill, cause I’m not a doc, and my dad’s not here so I can’t ask him. Anyways, to help? Look up animal rights on google. Voulenteer at a local animal shelter. Talk to people about how you feel and maybe you can get some friends together to work on this problem and raise awareness. Also one of my favorite sites for youth action is, I found it very useful. Hope I helped!

Answer #8

awww that is so aweet

Answer #9

I agree with all the above…Your tears are hollow if you do nothing… volunteer, write to your local politicians regarding animal welfare, join a group to help with protests, buy a bag of dog food and take it to your local humane society…collect baby blankets from yard sales and take them to a cat rescue group. All cats need a warm blanket… Sitting and crying every night doesn’t help…get out there and DO something!!! Good luck!

Answer #10

No, it’s not normal or healthy. A very good prayer is: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” Animal suffering is sad, yes, and I cry sometimes. But humans and babies suffer all over thwe world also. Suffering is part of life. Make sure you are really crying about them, and not something very bad in your own life.

Answer #11

well if you ask I cry to those animals are all alone you and me are going to be gr8 friends bye I love animals

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