Do women also shake the gas nozzle after pumping gas, or is that a guy thing?

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I do it too, I don't like it dripping or anything.

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I shake it cuz u gotta get every last drop, gas isn't cheap

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Very true, I guess I am going to have to watch more, I just don't want to get gas on my paint.

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I do it! Wouldn't want to miss out on the last few drops, with gas prices skyrocketing everyday!

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I do as well.

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I agree with that

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I do, I dont want it to drip on my feet (given that they're usually in sandals it's not pleasant).

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I do it all the time, I actually saw my dad doing it alot so I copied & plus I shake it so more gas comes out haha

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No women forget it in the gas tank and drive off. Just kidding but there is a picture of it online.

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lol...this is a funny question...I've actually never pumped gas.

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