Why do women have to cover their hair in some church's - specifically lutheran?

Just curious. Started going to church with my new g/f and noticed during the service all the women cover their hair with a scarf. I have seen in before just never really knew why.

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1 Corinthians 11 says that since man came from God and woman came from man that the head of man is God and the head of woman is man. Men must worship with their heads uncovered and women must worship with their head covered.

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Ok Thanks!

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It is a symbol of obedience, it is written in the bible in corinthians that women must cover their heads in churches. When you love God and have a special relationship with him you no longer cover because it is an order , you just do it out of love to obey God.

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That was a little bit more of a physco religious response that I was looking for but thx.......

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Its a way of showing they submit to the hierarchy of the Messiah. It is symbolic to show that they are not taking the position of a head in a family/community but that there is a male figure of authority above them. Authority in this sense in NOT bad. It means that when a husband is the head of a woman in a marriage, he claims to take RESPONSIBILITY over her spiritually. It is a beautiful think and not a ticket to play boss but a an important duty.

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'Cause it's cooler.

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