Women allowed in combat, opinions?

I’m doing a essay for school about how women SHOULD NOT be allowed in combat. Personally I think that a man is more physically fitter than a woman and can preform better in a combat situation than a woman can. Not to be sexist or anything, just the body build of the gender. Care to discuss your opinion on this? I’ll try to give constructive criticism whenever possible.

Answer #1

first of all im a women…I believe we can do anything a man can do…if a woman want to be in combat let her…you fight hader when you are beliving in something, or when you are protecting yourself..witch means women are more likely to have to protect there self in combat just because they are women… we are stronger than ever because we have to fight for everything we want…we also can think faster than men can in tense situations…we can help because we can be quiter than most men can be to…so when it comes to your question I strongly suggest that women be allowed in combat…

Answer #2

this essay pissed me off. women can do whatever men can. I do kung fu fencing and archery. you call that weak? I beat boys two to five years older than me. and they are trained. today I wrestled boys in the football field( we were not fighting just wrestling) I beat all of them even the football players. for centuries women have been made less but how about the great women warriors? hua mulan,tomei gozen,boadicea and much more. these women where better than any men alive. and well thats the major reason I became interested in combat arts. man boys get so pissed when they get beat up but admit it women can do combat arts. so boys suck it up and admit girls can be better than any men alive any men alive! and I will fight anybody who opposess this

Answer #3

I’m a woman and I know I’m about to get criticize for my opinion but nothing will change what I believe. Women should stay at home where they belong; they are too much trouble as it is. It has nothing to do with who is more fit or stronger. I know some pretty strong women and most are manly looking, yuck! I personally feel that this world has gone down the tubes because of women lib thing.

Oh please stay home already and do what you were supposed to do that is support your man! Don’t get me wrong, women are great caretakers, therefore they should be behind combat station waiting for the soldier and take care of him.

Now, before I get any criticism, let me tell you that I am a professional woman who is not half bad looking at all. When people look at me they think I’m this powerful woman who can have anything and any man but I’m far from it. I believe in tradition and a women’s place is at home and leave the battle to the great men in this world:)

Women can pretend to be men but they will never be like them, thank God!

Answer #4

I just want to say that I understand why you don’t think women should be in combat, but when it comes to shooting I think a woman–if properly trained–can be as good a sharpshooter as a man…and as for stress under pressure, I think that’s an individual thing…evryone is different mentally and can handle pressure differently. Also, with no draft these days and 2 wars going on, it might be necessary to have women who want to fight available to do so. I think it all comes down to the proper training.

One more thing: Like Marrianna, I also take martial arts (Judo)…and even tho’ most of the guys I spar w/in class can beat me, I sometimes win a round or 2, and find hat I have better stamina than a lot of them. Also, I am very confident that I can take down an un-trained male, because I have. My ex laughed at me about me taking judo, so I challenged him to a wrestling match and I beat him (he also out-weighed me by about 40 pounds, but it wasn’t about strength…I used my Judo skills to keep throwing him and tripping him to the floor until he became so tired he lost his strength advantage and I was able to pin him. He ws really pissed that he got beat by a girl, and made all these excuses, but ignored the fact that I know a martial arts and he doesn’t. Anyway, he wanted a re-match, and a few days later I took him on again…and I beat him again.

Just saying that sometimes a woman can beat a man in combat, especially if she’s trained right.

Answer #5

marianna, I understand but we’re not going to punch a guy that’s shooting at us… >_>

alexa, I honestly think that was a very good response. I believe that women can be allowed in the military, just not on the front lines. In my opinion men are more physically fit in the military than the women are. They can handle the combat a lot better than a woman. Not to degrade women, but it’s just simply true, men have much higher testosterone than women. Which might prove a bit of good.

curious, to be honest that was a really dumb remark. You’re trying to say women have it a lot harder then men do. Both are equal in ways, but if you take the majority of men, and women, the men will prevail against the women in physical fitness.

dull, I’ll agree on the training. But being a sniper is something totally different than being in infantry, Woman’s emotions run though during “the monthly” thing. Only unless they can pass a certain standard of how a man can, then I don’t think they should be allowed to fight. And being the best aim, and being physically fit too is two different things. I’m planning on being in ScoutSnipers in the USMC btw xD

Answer #6

Okay…I am a woman…and have been practicing martial arts ever since I was 6 years old.

I cannot deny that a man is physically stronger built than a woman.

But is combat all about physical strenght?

The art of fighting is not throwing punches blindly…and using solely brute force…

It also depends on how fast you move and how fast you think…you memorize by heart where you can take down your opponent and you move quick enough to do it.Through experience I found that it’s not always the intensity of a kick that takes my ooponet down but really if I hit the right spot.

But when facing a huge giant man then I think a knife will do lol..if it has to come to that lol…

Answer #7

Ok first I’m a girl and I train martial arts. Many of you say woman is not physically fit to beat a man on the same level of training, just the untrained one. That’s not true! I can beat my sparring partners sometimes more times then they beat me, sometimes it’s the other way around. (and I’m not a hulk, normal girl body) I know that they are physically bigger then me, but I make up for that with a cool head and speed. So the size doesn’t have to mean anything, if you never give up that is. The sad truth is that we will always have to push ourselves further then our male opponents did in order to beat them. We will be beaten if some male is stronger then us, but there will always be opponents like that, for males as much for females.

Of course there are we talking about the cool head. Well woman being “moody” during “those” days and not being able to control their emotions is a big lie. Not every woman is like that and most of the time they use that as an excuse to pin their stress on others (being selfish) and that of course is up to the individual. I feel a bit tense too at times but I tend to keep it in, relax and cool down. So it’s nothing really… It doesn’t even come up on the “emotion list” if the important situation would come up (like war…)

I work to make myself stronger in order to beat opponents in and out of the dojo if it should come to that. Regardless of sex. To beat them in a friendly, skill perfecting, sparring or in self defense. Fighting to prove something, or for someone else, their political agenda or “national security” when so many people protest war is not something I would do. I’d say no to warfare. If you would disagree and find a higher purpose in such calling, I think you should fight even on front lines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. ;)

PS. Did you know that a woman can take pain 9 times stronger then a man? xD

Answer #8

I don’t think it’s a matter of physical ability - there are women who can best any man out there…

However…women do tend to be a little more emotional than men, and in general, would have a more difficult time of dealing with the stress and trauma of being in combat.

Answer #9

woman can do anything a man can do! in WWII what happend?the ladies went from taking care of their families to doing the mens work while they went to war! go get em girls we can do it! I am a welder!

Answer #10

I think that women should be allowed to fight in combat if they choose but, only if that can pass certain standards, not everyone should just be allowed to head in. A lot of the views of women being viewed as delicate, poised and fragile are very old views that date back simply to women not having rights. Women were not expected to do anything but sit at home and look pretty which is not the greatest existence if you ask me.

In todays world women should have equal opportunities to those of men. We say that women have equal rights but, unfortunately we still have a long way to go, men still get paid more for the same jobs women have and the world is still segregated into a lot of male and female aisles.

Yes usually women do not have the same strength or endurance that men might but, occasionally with training and a lot of passion a woman can work herself to a level where she can run with the boys. Firefighting used to only be open to men because of all the heavy lifting of the safety equipment and hard work but, now it has been opened to women that have trained themselves to be able to meet the requirements they need to carry such a heavy load and be able to move freely in firefighter safety equipment and help to save lives.

I think that if women can pass a test where they are tested on strength, endurance and their effectiveness on the battlefield (with guns and in combat) and they pass they should be allowed to do all the same combat and missions that men can do. Did you know that women can’t be snipers in the army because its a ‘combat’ position? You could have a girl with the best aim in the world and she wouldn’t be allowed to become a sniper, that just doesn’t seem fair or helpful to the military!

Yes I agree, very often women are not built to the same standards of strength and fortitude that men are and that is just how the genders differ. However, if someone truly wants to train or is gifted with more strength than that other girls, why hold them back? I feel like it is just a hindrance based on very old views and standards that in todays modern day and age really needs to be changed.

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