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Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years old.one of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom.well my 2 friends and I were getting dressed just when the kids were finishing up dressing from their class.2 boys were clowning around refusing to get dressed the mother would open the lockeroom door a crack and yell for them to hurry.then she said if your not dressed in the next 1 min. I am coming in.she was good on her word and came in .me and my buddies were totally nude when she came in and she made sure she stared enough at the 3 of us and her eyes were aimed right at our dangly parts she proceeded to finishing dressing her kids and I yelled lady this is a mens lockeroom get out!!! She just said cover up or leave.why should we?? This is our domain if I went into a girls lockeroom to help my daughter I would be sitting in jail.we reported this to the pool supervisor she just laughed and said she got a free show.can you imagine if it was the other way around and women reporting a man??? What do you think are men being discriminated???

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I see the opposite happen a lot. When I go camping we have a shower house and there seem to be a lot of either single dads or times when the mother is not around and the young daughter has to go to the bathroom or shower or something. I had just stepped out one time and a girl (probably 6 or so) was screaming her lungs out cause she didnt wanna shower and just whining up a storm. There are ventalation windows way up and you can hear things from them (like screams and what not lol) and I was totaly naked drying off nothing out of the ordinary and I saw the door crack open and the dad just shouted “If there are any women in here can you please tell me if it is ok to come in and grab my daughter” I simply said “just a second” coverd up and got somewhat decent and then shouted OK. He came in as fast as he could and got out at the same speed. I swear that girls feet only touched the ground every three steps or so. I have absolutley no problem with that, if there is a warning and if they are polite about it. Sometimes stuff happens, your kids fool around, your late for what ever, and you have to get them. I totally understand that, but she could have given you a chance to cover up, a real chance I mean not some threat you hear parents make ever six seconds, and could have been polite about it. She could have scurried them off to the showers or a bath stall or something to get out of the sight of everyone. She was the one who was invading, you did nothing wrong.I am sure had the roles been reversed and you not only busted in on naked women but then you stared and were rude, you would have some sort of lawsuit on your hands right now and you would probably have been banned from the gym (at least thats what would probably happen at my gym). I would stear clear of the kids swim next time lol wouldnt want a repeat happening!

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garsu I agree completely, it was unacceptable Had any man been in the women’s room they would be in a lot of trouble

It doesn’t matter how much warning she gave her kids, she still shouldn’t have gone in herself She could have got a supervisor of the same gender to go in instead

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theendisnear thanks for your input but you didn’t answer the main ? what if it was a role reversal and a man coming in a ladies lockeroom while there was nude females present and you were on of them and he stared at you as he walked past.Remember she caught us all by suprise it’s hard to cover up when in a split second she barges in

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From what I have seen… women can’t stay far enough away from men’s rooms.

When I was a child… we were taken into the ladies’ room with our mother… never into the men’s room.

Pinkpearl is correct however… Garsu’s questions taken as a whole suggest that these events never occurred. He is fantasizing and eliciting the responses from females here to further his fantasies. Perhaps it is harmless fun… but he has been called on it and his ruse is up.

As I said before… men harbor a wide variety of fetishes… I am not judging Garsu

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He has a point though Whenever I used to go swimming as a kid at the baths I can remember seeing men and women everywhere in the male changing rooms, alwasy loads of women there Yet the men couldn’t go in the women’s room at all My grandad always took us swimming every fortnight and my sister had to go and get changed with a female pool attendant and she was only young She wasn’t aloud in the male rooms for some reason even though adult women were with their kids If my nan didn’t go aswell then she had to change with a female pool supervisor

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I agree with pinkpearl… there is a definite pattern to your stories… and I would reckon you are getting your jollies from the responses.

You’re either fantasizing… hallucinating… or are in fact mistakenly using the female facilities… unbeknownst to you… repeatedly.

Not judging you… just calling a spade what it is when it is.

If you haven’t… check out CFNM sites around the web… I’m betting you have.

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Most of the places where I swim kids go with parents to the locker room of the parent’s gender. Nobody gets too worked up if a 5 year old sees someone of the opposite gender undressed, at least not as worked up as they would with an adult. It seems really strange to me kids 5-6 years old being on their own in a locker room.

Agreed that the mother acted inappropriately. She should have either sent a male employee of the facility in or at least knocked and announced she was coming in.

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I think the actions of the supervisor were utterly ridiculous. There is no doubt in my mind that if the roles had been reversed, she would have made it an issue.

That woman had no business being in there, and if she absolutely had to go in, she should have at least sent in a warning first that she would be entering to give you time to cover up.

I would take this higher than the supervisor. Go to the pool manager and make a formal complaint against the supervisor for her indiscretion.

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I think the woman was totally wrong-please go to someone in authority and report the woman-you can even tell the police. If it was the opposite they police would have been called. Tell your dads and ask them to to help you get this straightened out so she wont do it again. There a lot od pretty sick females out there just like guys.

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Yeah… probably a combination of voyeurism and exhibitionism… men come in all varieties of off-kilter concerning sexuality

Answer #11

Never heard of that before lol I didn’t think there were people that liked that kinda thing really, but it’s all voyeurism isnt it Exposing yourself to people for the thrill, flashing and that kinda thing

Answer #12

Keep wanking. Your questions are all about your fetish.

Answer #13

[Clothed Female Nude Male]

Answer #14

I think it’s because here in the UK, the same rules aren’t consistent Go to the baths and its men in one room and women in another Go to a smaller theme park or waterworld and it’s just one room It’s the double standard

Is it the same as this in America?

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Look she had to get her kids didnt she? okay she shuldnt of stared but y’know maybe it was just the shock. and you could of covered up.

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Answer #17

The woman should have been arrested. If she has sons that young they can go into the womans locker room with her where she can supervise them instead of violating the mens rights.

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