What's the worst way you have been woken up?

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By almost dying

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( i am sure most dog owners could say the same at least once)a dog near on french kissing me....It was funny and disgusting at the same time.

What is the worst that can happen with an absessed tooth?

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by someone pointing a gun at you and telling you to put your hands up or u die

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My mom walking in my room asking for my direct express card when I was sleeping happily. She tried keeping my wallet away from me, but I reminded her that it was MY wallet she was holding and invading without permission.

Boy did I sleep good that morning.

What is your WORST accident?

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Hmmmm...Oh yea being moved at night into the front yard waking up to the cold rain =/ not cool.

Cold sores-my worst nightmare
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Imagine your 3 yr old son has a fever and wants to sleep in your bed. You allow. Because poor sick baby needs mom - or else he can't sleep. And then he gets sick at 3 AM and vomits on your face.

Yeah. That's adorable, isn't it.

Worst yeast infection what to do?

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Now that takes the cake, GROSS

What is the worst that mental health can do for eating disorders?
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I loved it. :(

What's the worst you've ever gotten hurt, like, physically?

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Im with ^ yea i thought being put in the rain when ur asleep was bad...yours takes the cake ewww

What's the worst pain you have had in parts of you body?
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By being hit, or once I got water poured on me because I was late .. Pissed me off ..

Does my grandmother need to go to the hospital?
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When was at Paris Island with my ROTC, we stayed for a week....THE WORST MORNINGS EVER!!! D.I. Woods Woke us up with Trash Cans, air hoors,screaming, pushin' people out their beds, water everywhere, flippin' people matress's. -.- THEN we had to clean up all of it! I was so happy when I found out his ass got kicked out of the Marines.

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(¡!¡dont sleep on the roof¡!¡)fast asleep on the roof when you roll off breaking your rib and thumb fun stuff ><

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Being woken up late one night by the light being turned on in my room and being informed that our dog had escaped, and was running up the street. I had to go out, at midnight (in my pajamas), catch him and bring him home!

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My younger sisters running in my room screaming & crying because someone they don't know is ringing the doorbell. -_________-

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My mom waking me up to look for her wallet bc my baby broher (3 years) hd to go to the hospital with hives

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And what's worst: you can't even be angry at him. I bet you kicked the people who carried you bed outside in the butt. Or did something equally bad to them. But this one is a no-revenger. :( All you can do to pay back is... wait until the son is 16 and then tell his girlfriend about it.... along with showing baby fotos...

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