Who knows anything about window ac units?

I just got one from walmart it is the cheapest one and it seems to not be as cool as it was. I’ve cleaned the filter out but that hasn’t helped… it wasn’t even that dirty.

Answer #1

A small A/C is only rated to cool 1 smallish room - between 100 to 150 sq. ft.. Any more than that, and it can’t fully handle the load, with a resulting loss of efficiency. So, if you cut down the area you are cooling by closing doors to connecting rooms, it will stay cooler in that area.

Also to consider, an A/C can only lower a room temperature by pumping the heat outside. As outside gets hotter and hotter, your a/c can’t get rid of the heat in it’s coils as easily, and it looses efficiency. If you have a choice of windows that you can use go with the one that is shaded when the day is hottest (2 pm is the hottest part of the day).

Use mini-blinds and / or curtains to block the sunlight (and thus the heat) during the day. I use window fans at night to draw in cool air, but if it is a humid night, this can be self defeating as the humid air will make it seem warmer the next day. Use your judgement.

Good Luck!!

Answer #2

Hey thanks! Yeah it is over wehre the sun is in the hottest part of the day, prob though that is the only window in my room. It is a smaller bedroom, but its where we are for most of the day. It is actually cold at night but Hot during the day. Any suggestions on shading the ac or something?

Answer #3

If you can shade it, it might help, but remember to leave the outside coils open in order to loose their heat. Blinds and a curtain to block the sun in the window above the a/c. Light clothing and a fan to increase the feeling of coolness might help. A quick shower will moisten skin and the evaporation will also cool. If you can’t get a shower, baby powder will help take away the sticky feeling that is really uncomfortable.

Good Luck!!

Answer #4

Great!! Thanks!!

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