Will my cat's fur grow back?

Today my cat picked a scab off her head and a chunk of fur and some black skin layer came off. I was wondering if she would need that skin to have her fur grow back and if the layer around the bald spot would join together and it would heal itself or if I needed a special antibiotic.

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Her skin will heal and new fur will grow. If her fur doesnt grow back or more scabs and fur are lost then you need to take her to the vet- it might be a condition that needs to be treated.

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my cat did that too!
and it was bleedn reel bad so once my dad put some peroxcide on it and it cleaned it good but my cat freakn hates my dad now..
but the cat re-opened the scab thing like 2 or 3 times after that
and hes fine

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it will heal and the fur will grow back.:)

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If it's only an injury, and not a skin condition...the fur will grow back...


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It'll probably heal and the fur will grow back.

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