Why was there blood?

I'm not due for my period, but I noticed blood when I wiped early after peeing. I assumed it was my period acting up, so I put in a tampon. a few hours later when I had to pee again, there was no blood whatsoever-not even on the tampon. Am I spotting, or do I have something else wrong with me? im not sexually active, and I have no other symptoms, besides slight cramping on my lower back. I've had a UTI before, but this is not like it. There is no burning, itching, smell, or persistant urge,like a uti.I did stop taking my birth control last month, but I've had a normal period since then. what could this be?

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normal gurly:)

but if you just wanna be sure just to clarify it up in your head..go to a doctor.

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Its probably just spotting.

drops of blood !!
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yea no worries at all this is totally normal

Does it hurt to get your cherry popped and how much blood is there?

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